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Senior Spotlight: Tigger

Hi friends! I’m Kim or Tigger or Tigs! I got my camp name because I could not think of a name for the longest time, so fellow counselor Tree came up with “Tigger” because I have so much energy. I am graduating in one week (this is crazy!) with a major in journalism (strategic communication & reporting). In 10 years, I hope to still work in advertising and possibly freelance for important caDSCN2347uses like Camp Kesem!

This is my second year as the PR/Marketing Director on the CKUW executive board, and I have been a counselor for the youngest girls the past two years at camp. I will be with the youngest girls again this summer!

Camp Kesem has had a huge impact on my UW experience and my future. I had been leaning toward a career in strategic communication, but I was perplexed about what that would mean for my love of kids. Camp Kesem made me realize the opportunities that exist outside of schoolwork and “real” work.

From the group of friends I’ve made, to the campers and families I’ve met, to the silly camp songs and games, to the best week of summer three years in a row… CKUW has given me so much more than I could have imagined three years ago. I will really miss the magic that is the impact of this organization on everyone involved.

Kesem love forever,