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See what the Baltimore Sun has to say about Camp Kesem

The pastel-colored ball of yarn made its way from one tiny hand to another at the Camp Kesem “empowerment ceremony,” with each camper unraveling their part of a common, painful thread.

What bound them together was cancer — which had come barreling into the lives of the children who attended the camp hosted by Johns Hopkins University students and recent alumni. For many, this week was the first time they realized that they weren’t the only ones navigating a childhood derailed by the disease.

“It’s just me in my entire school,” said 9-year-old Kelsey Dodson of Annapolis, whose father died of stomach cancer in May. “It’s really hard for them to understand. So it’s good to be with other people who can help me understand.”

Sixteen children, ages 6 to 13, from across Maryland and other states took part in the program for children whose parents have suffered or are suffering from cancer. The weeklong camp ended Friday.

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