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Say it fast: Columbia Camp Kesem Cupcake Craze**

CK Love at the Cupcake Study Break!

As midterms ensue, life feels every bit as hard as saying that tongue twister. Okay, maybe a lot harder. From taking one midterm to studying for the next, it’s always good to have time in between to breathe…and EAT! This week, we hosted a study break with free cupcakes. Om nom nom…they were delicious! Much love to Orchid, Squirt, and Zooch for making them. A lot of people stopped by for free cupcakes and to find out more about camp. We always have such a blast when we spread our Camp Kesem love. As I was eating my cupcake with everyone, I thought about all the fun times I had during our meals back at Camp Mohawk. All I can say is, I can’t wait for the end of midterms and of course, to be reunited with everyone at our fall reunion.  Less than a month!

Until then, keep on keepin’ on everyone!

CK Love,


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