2013-2014 Marketing and Public Relations Coordinators

We are proud to introduce to everyone our PR/ Media Coordinators for our first chapter of  UC Santa Cruz Camp Kesem. These outgoing Coordinators have created the social media sites and have spread the word about the first ever Camp Kesem at UC Santa Cruz! They have created and decorated the school with Camp Kesem pride and events! They are not afraid to walk into a room of 400 and spread Camp Kesem knowledge!


  • Marketing
    • Manage development and maintenance of Camp Kesem website
  • Public Relations
    • Manage efforts to obtain media coverage for the camp project through social media: twitter, facebook, instagram
  • Communications
    • Produce annual Camp Kesem newsletter
    • Develop/update all Camp Kesem marketing and administrative collateral (i.e. fact sheet/brochure, letterhead, etc.)



We have had tremendous success in publicity and creating a mark for Camp Kesem at UC Santa Cruz. From our colorful banners to our endless flyers the cover the school, we as a committee along with all the other committees, have made a name for our first chapter here at UC Santa Cruz. We keep up an active Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and this official Camp Kesem page. We have been making magic every monday with our “Magic Monday’s” where we introduce our Coordinators and Directors every Monday.



 Name/ Camp Name: Chloe Acebo, aka “Lilo”

Hometown: South Pasadena, California

Birthday: March 10th, 1994

Major/Year: Sociology Major & Linguistics Minor, 2nd Year

Favorite Candy: Kit Kat Bars! (specifically the Green Tea flavor) I have such a sweet tooth that I could be happy with any type of candy, just nothing with peanut butter because I’m allergic!

Why you are a part of Camp Kesem: First, I love volunteering–Camp Kesem is a unique non-profit because it puts the responsibility of peer support among college students, encouraging leadership and fostering self-esteem. I love the vibes of creating a safe space for open communication, especially for children to get involved; and creating a family of friends is just the icing on the cake! Additionally, I’ve been a counselor and teacher throughout high school, so helping younger generations is one of my passions!

Why did you chose your Camp Name: I’ve been hula dancing since I was about eight, and it has been a huge part of my life as it lead to being comfortable in front of large crowds as well as taught me to embrace my body as a competitive dancer. Despite not being of native Hawaiian descent, my long hair and tan skin resembled the Disney character Lilo, from “Lilo and Stitch;” which many of my friends used to call me.

3 words that describe yourself: Bubbly, Committed, and Creative

If there was one place you travel to in the world right now, where would you go and why: I’ve never traveled outside the United States before, except Mexico, so this is tough question. If anything, I would probably say anywhere in Hawai‘i because it reminds me of home. I don’t go there often but we have many relatives in the islands and I have competed there about three times in Merrie Monarch. I love the relaxing atmosphere, the food, the weather, and, of course, the beaches! For me, my happy place is anywhere outdoors, especially near the warm, clear sea!



Name/ Camp Name: Valerie Vance/ Kota

Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Birthday: November 25th, 1993

Major/Year: Politics/ 2nd Year

Favorite Candy: Jr. Mints

Why you are a part of Camp Kesem: I am a part of Camp Kesem because I want to support and help children that are affected by their parents cancer. I have had friends and family that have had cancer and know it can be very difficult for all those involved. I want to celebrate life and give these kids an awesome week!

Why you chose your Camp Name: My mom recently had a new baby girl named Dakota and her nickname is Kota. I love the name Kota and want to channel the happy energy my little sister gives off!

3 words that describe yourself: Dedicated, Optimistic, Caring

If there was one place you travel to in the world right now, where would you go and why?

If there were one place in the world I could travel to right now it would be Madrid. I want to practice my Spanish and become immersed it the amazing culture. Spain in general would be the coolest place to travel.