What to Bring to Camp

*There is no recommended bag size. However, be practical and bring a suitcase that you are comfortable carrying around camp and keeping in your cabin for one week. Remember that there will be 12 other suitcases in your cabin too!

What TO Bring to Camp


  • 5-10 T-Shirts

  • 2-3 Pairs of Pants

  • 2-3 Pairs of Shorts

  • 5-10 Pairs of Socks

  • Hat

  • 1-2 Sweatshirt/Jackets

  • Underwear (10 pairs)

  • Pajamas

  • Rain Clothes (just in case)

  • Swimsuit (girls must wear a one piece swimsuit; guys must wear swim trunks)

  • Tennis Shoes*

  • Laundry Bag


  • Shower towel

  • Shower shoes/ flip flops*

  • Washcloth

  • Soap in plastic case/ shampoo

  • tooth brush/ tooth paste

  • Deodorant

  • Comb/ brush

  • Razor/ shaving cream

  • Personal medications or commodities (if necessary, 1-week supply)


  • Sunscreen/ chapstick

  • Flashlight

  • Extra batteries for flashlight

  • Bug repellant

  • Water bottle

  • Sunglasses

  • Tissues

  • Alarm clock

  • Hand wipes

  • Watch


  • Sleeping bag

  • Pillow

  • Sheets/ blankets


  • Musical Instrument

  • Disposable Camera

Theme Day Material

-These are the themes for the days at camp. Bring stuff to dress up in for each theme!

  • Airport (Sun. 8/9)

    • Your Boarding Passes from Fall reunion!!!

    • If you don’t have one, never fear! You’ll be sure to get one the moment you arrive at camp! :)

  • Italy/ France (Mon. 8/10)

    • bring some semi-formal clothes!

    • Girls make sure dresses aren’t too short (knee length or longer)

  • Spain (Tues. 8/11)

    • a shirt and shorts that you’re okay with getting super dirty

    • Swim goggles (gotta keep dem eyes protected!)

  • India (Wed. 8/12)

    • a WHITE shirt and shorts that you’re okay with getting super dirty (holi powder will not come off! (We will do our best to get rid of the powder from the clothes so it’s easy to wash once you’re home!)

    • goggles will also be used for the Holi event to keep the eyes protected from the powder

    • if you have a yoga mat, please bring that too!

  • Pan-Asian (Thurs. 8/13)

  • Pack up (Fri. 8/14)

*Closed toe shoes are to be worn at all times (except in the shower). Plan accordingly!

Just Remember!

  1. Absolutely no alcohol or drugs will be permitted during camp.

  2. Any and all medication has to be checked in with the Nurse.

  3. All clothes must have no profane language or anything questionable!

  4. Bring things you can easily move in!

What NOT to Bring to Camp
  • Candy
  • Expensive Jewelry
  • IPods or music listening devices (Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen equipment)
  • Cell phones or pagers
  • Food
  • Guns or weapons
  • Radios
  • Water balloons or water guns
  • Skateboards or roller blades
  • Tobacco products

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