Meet Our Team

Hi all! I’m Margret “Zenyatta” Mendenhall and I am one of our fantastic co-chairs.  I’m a Junior from Fremont, CA who is majoring in both Biochemistry and History, yes two contrasting majors!  I first learned about Camp Kesem from a friend who was involved at MIT and was immediately inspired to start a new chapter at Santa Clara due to my previous experience with children at another camp I ran. Not only do I love kids but I have personal experiences with cancer as well. Fun Fact: I love giraffes and it is my lifelong dream to have one as a pet, but I don’t know how it will ever come inside my house!


Apeksha “Tigerlily” Sharma is excited to be one of our co-chairs. She is a Junior, Political Science and Economics major from Saratoga, CA. She loves Camp Kesem because it is so unique and she feels that it is rewarding to allow kids who are faced with so much pain to just be themselves. Fun Fact: She went cliff jumping in Hawaii!


Bonjour! I’m Megan “Bubbles” Barrett and I am the Marketing Coordinator. She is a Junior from Durango, CO who is majoring in Marketing and minoring in Dance. She decided to become a part of Camp Kesem because she has always been passionate about working with kids and loves having the opportunity to help kids just be kids when going through a difficult time. Fun Fact: She grew up in the Four Corners Region and has been in four states at once!

Aloha! Crystal “Kiwi” Au is excited to be our second Marketing Coordinator. She is a Junior, Psychology Major, Urban Education and Studio Art minor from Los Angeles, CA. She chose to become a part of Camp Kesem because she loves kids and getting to share the uniqueness and craziness of the summer camp atmosphere while getting to know tons of amazing new people! Fun Fact: She loves road trips and watching scary movies!

Katie “Dot” Trillo is happy to be one of our Development Coordinators.  She is a Senior from Whittier, CA who is majoring in Chemistry.  She loves summer camp and is really excited to make this camp happen for such deserving kids! Fun Fact: Katie’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese!


Molly “Butteryfly” Roston is thrilled to be one of our Development Coordinators.  She is a Senior Psychology major from Los Altos, CA. She was inspired to get involved with Camp Kesem after its start at Stanford Hillel and thought it would be a great organization to get involved with, especially to help with all the behind the scenes work. She also loves working with children and thinks it is a great opportunity to be a caring and supportive adult to those we serve. Fun Fact: She was an extra in a movie called “Her Best Move” and trained to do agility with her dog, Jasper!


Samantha “Schnitzel” Nitz is excited to join our team as one of our Operations Coordinators.  She is a Sophomore from Seattle, WA who is majoring in Economics. She loves having the opportunity to help kids to have amazing summers and make their lives a little easier. She can’t wait to work with the Camp Kesem team to create something new and fun for everyone! Fun Fact: She went to the Junior Olympics for Karate!


Steven “Peaches” Doll is happy to being our second Operations Coordinator. He is a Junior Economics major from Pasadena, CA. He joined Camp Kesem because he loves working with children and having the opportunity to help others. Fun Fact: He got his nickname from playing laser tag, not from his love of the fruit. (His vest codename was peaches, and his co-workers continued to call him that)!


Katie “The Genie” O’Keefe is thrilled to be a Volunteer Coordinator! She is a Junior from Concord, CA (East Bay) who is majoring in Theatre Arts and English. She decided to become a part of Camp Kesem because childhood should be fun. She wanted to help kids dealing with tremendous stress have at least one week where they could simply be kids, enjoying their summer. Fun Fact: She is writing and producing a web series!



Andrew “Abu” Weaver is excited to be our second Volunteer Coordinator.  He is a Junior Psychobiology major from Dallas, TX. He became part of Camp Kesem to help give kids a positive outlook on tough life situations.  Fun Fact: He hosts a radio show for KSCU!


Lena “Bamboo” Son



Lauren Strnad