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Meet or Join the Advisory Board

Meet Our Wonderful and Talented Advisory Board

098-hs-vargas-vanessa--en--ecf927c0-da84-44a6-8c47-f22e83e29c85Name: Vanessa Vargas

Camp Name: I haven’t come up with one yet!

Member Since: 2014

Role: Financial Professional

Why I Kesem: I Kesem to be a resource for those in need!


unnamedName: Tedd Vanadilok
Camp Name: TBA!
Member Since: 2013
Advisor Role: university advisor assisting with event planning and risk management for campus events
Why You Kesem: As a parent of two, it is a parental duty to support other parents and their children especially during difficult times in their lives.  This is in the spirit of Santa Clara’s Jesuit philosophy of “being women and men for and with others.  So Camp Kesem provides an opportunity to help fellow parents and their children.”



Name: Connie Chang

Camp Name:

Member Since: 2013

Advisor Role: SCU Faculty Advisor

Why I Kesem: Because the camp creates such a magical experience for the children and allows the college students to gain leadership skills.


camp_kesem_offers_relief_for_kids_with_cancer_stricken_parentsName: Stacey Tinianov

Camp Name: Coffee Mommy

Member Since: 2013

Why I Kesem: One month after my 40th birthday, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Our family faced diagnosis, treatment and recovery together but my children were only 10 and 12 at the time and we were all overwhelmed by the excess of profound upheavals cancer triggers in daily life. In its inaugural year, Camp Kesem SCU provided a cancer respite, critical support and a safe place for both of my children to share their emotions around cancer and they are eager to return in 2015!


Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 6.06.00 PMName: Shayna Choulet

Camp Name: Phineas

Member Since: 2013

Why I Kesem:

If you are interested in joining the advisory board please email santaclara@campkesem.org to reach our directors!

Role of the Advisory Board:

  • Offering advice to particular coordinator teams in the advisors’s area of interest
  • Participating in and advertising in events
  • Visiting out camp!
  • Helping students make connections in the community

What we are still looking for:

  • Anyone with experience in education or child development- for camp event planning purposes
  • Psychologist
  • Nurse Practitioner