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Upcoming Events and Dates

Pizza California Fundraiser (February 29th)

Come join our team from 12PM to 9PM on February 29th to get some delicious pizza while also helping fundraise for camp!

Pizza California
1708 Oakland Rd., #500
San Jose, CA 95131
 Pizza Fundraiser


Panda Express Fundraiser (March 9th)

Come join our team from 10AM to 11PM on Wednesday March 9th to get some delicious Panda Express! It'll help get you past hump day and prepared for the rest of the week. Show them the flyer below!

Panda Express
567 Coleman Ave
San Jose, CA 95110
Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 10.54.21 AM

Make the Magic

Our annual fundraising event will occur on March 31st, 2016! For more information, check out the "Make the Magic" tab found on the left.



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