Look forward to this following year for many magical fundraising events to raise money for our first summer camp run by our wonderful Santa Clara University students. Camp Kesem is completely free for the campers so we are depending on our volunteers and everyone and anyone who can help out and donate money to this cause to help make this camp the greatest experience for our campers. We are so grateful for any amount donated and any time volunteered to help us fund-raise.

~Attend our events. Volunteer to be a camp counselor. Help us fund-raise. Donate to the cause.~

Feel free to contact us for more information or if you are interested in helping us run an event to fund-raise for our good cause.  Any help is appreciated!

Upcoming Events!

August 9-14-  Camp!

Past Events:

February 10th-14th- Valentine’s Day Grams: We sold handmade Valentine’s Day cards with a rose for all the Valentine’s out there!

April 29th- .5K Dash to the Bars: Two local bars offered discounts to people wearing a t-shirt they bought from us!

Camp Kesem SCU