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Coordinator Positions

Director: Organizes and managed the coordinator team and Advisory Board

Zenyatta and Tigerlily- santaclara@campkesem.org


Camp Kesem uses 6 coordinator team positions, that make up the coordinator team, to ensure cohesive camp planning.

The 6 coordinator positions are:

Outreach:  Recruit and maintain relationships with campers and families

Panda and Bamboo- santaclara.outreach@campkesem.org

Development:  Raise sufficient funds to allow campers to attend Camp Kesem free of charge

Bonsai- santaclara.development@campkesem.org

Volunteer:  Recruit, select, and train counselors while publicizing Camp Kesem on campus

Abu and Luna- santaclara.volunteer@campkesem.org

Operations:  Plan the camp program, logistics surrounding program, and manage finances and budget

Steele and Noodle- santaclara.operations@campkesem.org

PR/Marketing: Communicate with the press and potential sponsors about Camp Kesem

Jeter- santaclara.pr@campkesem.org

Make the Magic: Handle and plan all details regarding the Make the Magic event

Bubbles- santaclara.mtm@campkesem.org

Positions for the 2015-2016 school year will be announced soon.


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