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Meet our Counselors

We are excited to announce our counselors for Camp Kesem 2015!

Admin Team:

Camp Kesem SCU


Name: Apeksha
Camp Name:  Tigerlily
Hometown: Saratoga, CA
Why you kesem: Camp Kesem is a unique opportunity to help the community. There is no better feeling than having a parent thank you for giving their child one of the best experiences of their life. Camp Kesem is more than just a camp, it’s a family who will be there for you through the good times and the bad.



Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Margret
Camp Name:  Zenyatta
Hometown: Fremont, CA
Why you kesem:  I first learned about Camp Kesem from a friend who was involved at MIT and was immediately inspired to start a new chapter at Santa Clara due to my previous experience with children at another camp I ran. Not only do I love kids but I have personal experiences with cancer as well.


Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Cameron
Camp Name:  Steele
Hometown: Pleasant Hill
Why you kesem: I kesem for all of the campers and their families. I kesem for my fellow Kesemers and for my family.






Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Megan
Camp Name: Bubbles
Hometown:  Durango, Co
Why You Kesem:  Being part of Camp Kesem has been life changing. It has been an amazing experience to spend time with these kids who are so happy and strong even with everything they have been through. It is extremely empowering to have the opportunity to help these kids just be kids and develop the support system they need. I’ve learned more from the kids than I could ever teach them.

Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Piper
Camp Name: Calypso
Hometown:  Stockton, CA
Why You Kesem:  Camp Kesem is something truly special that I consider myself lucky to be a part of.  From the kids, to their parents, to my fellow team members at Santa Clara, everyone has been so amazing and I hope to be able to contribute my positivity to that dynamic and make camp this summer just as incredible as it was the previous one! I look forward to all the positive experiences that will be shared and that will continue to grow as we build our Kesem family!

Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Andrew
Camp Name: Abu
Hometown:  Dallas, TX
Why You Kesem:  Kesem has been absolutely life-changing for me, both from the process of planning the camp and bonding with my co-coordinators, and from the camp itself and the incredible kids who inspire me everyday. I thought that I would be able to impart some coping skills and life lessons on the kids I was in charge of, and instead they taught me how process the bonds and connections we form with one another are.


Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Marissa
Camp Name: Luna
Hometown: Portland, OR
Why You Kesem:  I Kesem because I have always loved working with and helping children and Camp Kesem seemed like an incredible opportunity to do that. Getting to know these children and their families has changed my life in such a positive way, and while I am there to support them, they have taught me so much.


Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Sam
Camp Name:  Jeter
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Why you kesem: I Kesem because I want the incredible children we serve to have a week of happiness and fun. They have changed my life for the better and I can’t wait to continue that experience this summer.

Camp Kesem SCUName: Jennifer
Camp Name: Bonsai
Hometown: Portland, OR
Why you kesem: I Kesem to bring a week of happiness and a lifelong family to the amazing campers and families we serve. I feel honored to be a part of such a beautiful, crazy, and extended community that I’ll carry with me for the rest of my life.

Camp Kesem SCU


Name: Sridevi
Camp Name: Noodle
Hometown: Los Gatos, CA
Why you kesem: I Kesem because I want to be able to provide a magical childhood for children affected by a parent’s cancer. I was a counselor for Camp Kesem last year and it was a life-changing experience for me and the campers. I learned so much from the campers last year and want to be able to give them as much fun and support as I possibly can! I love working with kids and this is a great opportunity to give back to the community around me.





Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Caroline
Camp Name: Phoenix
Hometown: Hermosa Beach, CA
Why you kesem: I joined Kesem because, as a person who has experienced the loss of a family member due to cancer, I wanted to give back. Camp Kesem seemed like a wonderful idea to me and I wanted to help.


Camp Kesem SCU

Name: Janelle
Camp Name: Pascal
Hometown: Trabuco Canyon, CA
Why you kesem: I Kesem because I would love to be a support and role model to kids in my community. There is no greater feeling than knowing you can count and talk to someone. I hope to be there for all of my Kesemers!



Camp Kesem SCUName: Jason

Camp Name: Tadpole

Hometown: Portland, OR

Why I Kesem: I have had my own experiences with the collateral damage of cancer, having been through the uncertainty, hopelessness, and loneliness of having those close to me suffer from cancer. While I don’t have the ability to cure cancer, I believe I can at least help kids like me feel that they are not alone and that it is possible to find happiness despite the challenges that life presents.