Become a Counselor

We are looking for amazing people to help make the magic of our camp happen! This fall we will be recruiting volunteers to act as camp counselors for the summer of 2014. Volunteer Recruitment dates are as follows:

Individual interview dates: 10:00am-1pm Saturday October 26th, and Sunday October 27th
Volunteer Applications for 2014 are posted here! After finishing the application, email to set up an interview so you can be placed with one of our 5 coordinator teams: Community Outreach, Development, Marketing, Operations, and Volunteer (more information on coordinator teams can be found here). As a volunteer, you will help the coordinators work on projects to prepare for Camp Kesem 2014. Volunteers who fundraise $500 will be eligible to apply for a counselor position in early 2014. Lack of personal income will be considered for volunteers, and volunteering hours can be used as monetary credit if necessary.