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S is for Silliness

While other units went their separate ways after breakfast to do rotations, Teen Silver and Gold did their annual community service project, this year assembling bunk beds for the camp’s brand new cabins, though one could hardly call it that, the buildings were so state of the art. Others helped assemble basketball hoops for the new courts (so new they still had construction tape around them the first day we arrived). Later on teens did another teamwork exercise called Spider Web, where a tangle of strings tied between two trees serves as the “web” in which the group has to get each member through to the other side, without touching the string, without using the same hole twice, only lifting people five times. It was a challenge, but they eventually got good at listening to one another’s ideas and really putting their heads together to solve the problem.


Catching fish was no problem for these kids. Some campers even came up to me proudly stating they had caught as many as eight fish! What really shocked us was when counselor Buzz leapt out from underwater and onto the dock where we were standing. Anything for the kids, right?


Although the ropes course experience would only be available to older units, those that did have it rocked it. Even if a camper was nervous, their peers were stellar at supporting them and cheering them on.


Admin led an activity creating “God’s Eyes,” a crafted piece of two sticks and yarn, supposed to give insight into things that are unknown. Once they finished it was chill time for some, which meant I got to peek into a few of the other cabins and see how the rest of camp was living. I’ll spare you the description of some of the smells wafting from piles of clothes.


After lunch was swimming or archery, where, placed strategically on the targets, were notes with rewards on them if someone hit it with their arrow. These varied from “choose any counselor to make your bed,” to “get two desserts at dinner.”


The prompt for Arts & Crafts was to pick three words that describe you, then choose an animal that embodies each of those words, then illustrate a chimera using various parts of those animals.


In Sports we played a game called GaGa ball, played in an enclosed rink made specially for the game. Ask your kids how to play!


The competition for dinner line up was very fitting for what was to come after the meal. Each unit was dismissed based on their ability to strike the best pose.


After dinner was the moment we had all been waiting for: the counselor fashion show. I’ll let the pictures speak for that.


Once the post-fashion show dance party was over we cleaned up, had Closing Circle, then had cabin chats and went to bed. Some were anxious to get to sleep early in preparation for the looming polar bear swim the next morning (at 6:45 AM sharp).