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You can get involved by attending our meetings on Mondays at 9:00 pm, in THC 305, and by joining our ORGSYNC page to stay up to date with the latest CKUR news. Applications to apply for counselor positions open in the Spring semester. For further information please e-mail us at

Since Camp Kesem is a not-for-profit student run organization, a large portion of time goes into fundraising for camp. All our campers enjoy a week of camp for free thanks to the funds provided by our generous donors. Students can also get involved by fundraising and/or donating to us.

To donate please go to our GiveBig site.

**Counselor applications for camp 2015 are still open**

To apply follow the instructions below. Interviews will be held on a rolling basis, so apply early!

  1. Go to
  2. On the left, select Virginia from the Locations dropdown menu
  3. Look for the session called “University of Richmond Volunteer” and hit “add”
  4. The UR session should appear on the right under “Your Selections.” Hit “continue”
  5. Enter your email address and hit “continue” to get to the application form
  6. Fill out your application and contact us to schedule an interview!

*The entire application must be filled out in one sitting or else your answers will be deleted*

Questions? Email us at:


What’s it like being a Camp Kesem counselor?!

Camp Kesem counselors are dedicated, passionate, outgoing individuals who have a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of local children!

Our counselors love camp! See what they have to say:

“Camp Kesem holds a special place in my heart because I know how difficult it is to lose a parent…My experience at camp in 2013 was nothing short of amazing. I met some of the sweetest and funniest children at camp. I can’t wait to return to camp this summer and see all those bright, smiling faces.” – Tiki

“Camp Kesem was the best decision I made this year and will always be one of the highlights of my four years here at the University of Richmond.” – Kojak

“My experience at camp was something I will never forget. The kids were incredible and I really felt like they loved their time at camp. The week consisted of time in the lake, archery, millions of songs and chants, games, new friendships, and lifelong memories.” – Bambi

“I Kesem for the love that the Kesem family shares and the smiles that come even in the dark times.” – Volley

“I will always remember the summer of 2013 and my smiling, happy, energetic Cabin 2 Jedi Girls. After being a counselor and Art & Crafts director at UR Camp Kesem 2013, I could not see spending my last week of summer anywhere else but UR Camp Kesem!” – Jazz

“I’m here because my one week of discomfort [in the outdoors], can mean a whole lifetime to one of these kids. And I would run through the mud over and over for that!” – Ramen

“Camp Kesem is my favorite week of the year! Camp Kesem is a part of who I am and has greatly shaped my experiences in college so far. I admire the strength of my campers and can’t wait to see them again in August!” – Maple




Can I be a counselor if I’m studying abroad in the Fall?

Yes! As long as your program begins after the end of camp, you can be a counselor. All counselors move onto campus early and we can find you temporary housing for the evening before we go to the campground.

Do I have to have a parent with cancer to be a counselor?

No, we do not expect our counselors to have a family tie to cancer. Many of our counselors do have ties to cancer in their life that influences their decision to be a counselor. The only expectation is that our counselors have a desire to work with a demographic of children who are affected by a parent’s cancer.

What are my responsibilities as a counselor? Do I have babysit the campers?

At Camp Kesem, counselors serve as role models, mentors, and adult figures to ensure our campers have a safe, fun environment to engage within. We do have to watch the behavior of our campers so they don’t break rules or harm themselves or others as a babysitter would; we are however, not their parents and serve more as a friend and mentor than a disciplinary figure. Most counselors find that they enjoy camp just as much as their campers and are able to foster a relationship of respect with campers.

Other responsibilities include typical responsibilities of a camp counselor. We train our counselors to be prepared to answer questions and support campers should they chose to open up about their experiences with cancer.

Do I have to pick my camp name or is one given to me?

It’s up to you! Most counselors pick their own names based on something they like or a nickname they already have. Others use suggestions from friends. Either way, once you pick your name, the campers won’t let you change it. ;)

Are there showers at camp?!

Yes, Westview is a well maintained facility and includes running water, bathrooms, showers, etc. It is still a campground however, so campers and counselors stay in cabins and spend a lot of time outside.


Questions or issues? Contact:


Our counselors love camp!

Our counselors love camp!


Our campers are especially good at turning counselors into “swamp monsters” during Messy Games



Join us as a committee member or counselor and become part of the goofiest and most fun group of college kids that is the Camp Kesem Richmond family!