Mariah “Bubbles” Lawhon

Major: Psychology/Managerial Studies 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Fishing with her Dad

Spirit Animal: Dolphin! Because they’re friendly, fun, fierce, and MAKE LOTS OF BUBBLES

Stacey “Sunshine” Yi

 Major: Undecided 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Baking with her mom and sisters and making a complete mess of the kitchen

Spirit Animal:  Cheetah, because she embodies its spirit and fierceness:)






Pooja “Berry” Kapadia

Major: Kinesiology 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Driving with her family to see Christmas lights

Spirit Animal: Red Panda

Anjali “Sparkle” Raghuram

 Major: Biochemistry and Cellular Biology/Cognitive Science 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) day and we also ate smores and enough candy to give everyone a sugar rush for a week!

Spirit Animal: Horse because they’re free, energetic, and a part of the classic Texan stereotype







Sanjana “Yogi Bear” Puri

 Major: Health Sciences/ Policy Studies 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Aunt’s wedding in India when she visited her favorite cousins, danced, and explored New Delhi.

Spirit Animal:  Baby white tiger because they can be fierce when needed, but are usually very friendly and sweet.

David “Rufio” Lam

Major: Health Sciences 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Making super awesome pillow/blanket forts in my parents’ closet! And Neopets :)

Spirit Animal: Capuchin monkey – I’m usually full of energy!










Julia “Scooby” Win

Major: Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering 2015

Favorite Childhood Memory: Family vacations to Warner Springs Ranch (best place EVER)

Spirit Animal: According to her friends, chinchilla because they’re super curious and have short attention spans.

Shilpa “Snoopy” Nataraj

Major:  Biochemistry & Cell Biology/Psychology 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Our family trip to Oahu!

Spirit Animal: Dog –she’s loyal and friendly and absolutely love dogs, especially Snoopy.






Volunteer Team

Jarvis “Android” Miller

Major: Statistics 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory:Reading HunterxHunter

Spirit Animal: Koala because it would be a cool patronus

Meera “Meerkat” Namireddy

Major: Biochemistry and Cellular Biology 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Six Flags trips with her Kansas cousins

Spirit Animal: Meerkats because they are attentive and quirky just like her!









Sophia “Boots” Parente

Major: Music Performance in Oboe 2014

Favorite Childhood Memory: Dancing with her older sister

Spirit Animal: Cat because she is affectionate but also enjoys her independence and quiet time.


Cathy “Calamari” Cheng

Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2015 

Favorite Childhood Memory: Knitting adventures with her neighbors

Spirit Animal: Raccoon because she thinks Meeko from Pocahontas is the cutest cartoon animal! In fact, she liked Meeko so much that she used to sign everything with “Meeko (and a paw print)”.. Also, Rascal is such a sad book, and really made her appreciate raccoons.



Camp Kesem Week

Camp Kesem Week

Daphne “Ducky” Chiao

Major: Kinesiology-Sports Medicine

Favorite Childhood Memory: hanging out with her grandpa and looking at pretty wedding dresses through the store windows

Spirit Animal:  a duck, duh!