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Mariah “Bubbles” Lawhon

Major: Psychology/Managerial Studies 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Fishing with her Dad

Spirit Animal: Dolphin! Because they’re friendly, fun, fierce, and MAKE LOTS OF BUBBLES

Stacey “Sunshine” Yi

 Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Baking with her mom and sisters and making a complete mess of the kitchen

Spirit Animal:  Cheetah, because they’re fast, nimble, and have exceptionally keen eyesight!




Amber “Butterfly” Lo

Major: Economics/Business 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Being surrounded by family and my choice of cake as we sing Happy Birthday at the top of our voices

Spirit Animal: Swans, because Buzzfeed says they’re resourceful, caring, open-minded, and loyal!

Anjali “Sparkle” Raghuram

 Major: Biochemistry & Cellular Biology/Cognitive Science 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) day and we also ate s’mores and enough candy to give everyone a sugar rush for a week!

Spirit Animal: Horses, because they’re free, energetic, and a part of the classic Texan stereotype




Sanjana “Yogi Bear” Puri

 Major: Health Sciences/Policy Studies 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Aunt’s wedding in India when she visited her favorite cousins, danced, and explored New Delhi.

Spirit Animal:  Baby white tiger because they can be fierce when needed, but are usually very friendly and sweet.

David “Rufio” Lam

Major: Health Sciences 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Making super awesome pillow/blanket forts in my parents’ closet! And Neopets :)

Spirit Animal: The turtle from Finding Nemo, because it’s chill yet fun at the same time




Judy “Jellybean” Yang

Major: Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2017

Favorite Childhood Memory: Fishing with her family at Pedernales Falls!

Spirit Animal: Panda, because she loves her munchies and zZz’s, but will never back out of a day of fun

Shilpa “Snoopy” Nataraj

Major:  Biochemistry & Cell Biology/Psychology 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Hiking up Diamond Head on a family vacation to Oahu!

Spirit Animal: Dog –she’s loyal and friendly and absolutely love dogs, especially Snoopy.




Sean “Snow” Dilliard

Major: Chemical Engineering 2017

Favorite Childhood Memory: Getting my first dog Bailey!

Spirit Animal: An eagle with glasses, they’re very noble birds and I have terrible vision.

Meera “Meerkat” Namireddy

Major: Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2016

Favorite Childhood Memory: Six Flags trips with her Kansas cousins + playing with snow and eating chocolate chip cookies in the Kansas winter!

Spirit Animal: Meerkats because they are cool and quirky!




Cathy “Calamari” Cheng

Major: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 2015

Favorite Childhood Memory: Building pillow forts and obstacle courses with friends. We set booby traps and made secret walkie-talkie holes and it was always a mess (but fun!).

Spirit Animal: Rabbits, they’re the softest, cutest things ever! I hope to be as fluffy as them one day <3

Miriam “Tigger” Ohakam

Major: Sports Medicine

Favorite Childhood Memory: Field day during intermediate school. There were all sorts of carnival games, track races, LOTS of food, and a tug of war competition!

Spirit Animal: Dolphin! I’m pretty carefree and value a sense of humor :)


Special Events


 Maria “Vanilla” Lima

Major: Biochemistry & Cell Biology/Psychology

Favorite Childhood Memory: Going to Central Park Zoo in New York and seeing the polar bears up close

Spirit Animal: Wolf, because they’re curious, family oriented, love running, and are super furry :)

Daphne “Ducky” Chiao

Major: Sports Medicine

Favorite Childhood Memory: Watching the fireworks at Disney World. SO PRETTY!

Spirit Animal:  A duck! When I was a baby, I’d quack instead of cry if I was hungry.