Counselors & Staff

Counselor applications for Camp 2015 are not currently available. Please contact for any questions or inquiries!

All our counselors are student volunteers from Rice University. In addition to having extensively trained, CPR & First Aid certified counselors, we will have full-time professional staff on site, including 2 registered nurses and one certified mental health professional.

Stay posted for information on the counselor application timeline for Camp 2015!



Committee Information

Committee applications are currently OPEN! Join a committee to help Camp Kesem come to life! As a double bonus, being an awesome committee member will help your standing in the selection process for our much-coveted camp counselor positions. Check out the information below for the different ways to get involved with Kesem!

Special Events Committee

The Special Events Committee is responsible for all CK Rice-related events. Two of our major events this year are Camp Kesem Week in the Fall and Make the Magic in the Spring. Camp Kesem Week brings “camp on campus,” and it is a week of fun and exciting campaigns, events, and activities. Key goals for this week are to raise funds and create awareness for our cause on Rice campus. Make the Magic is a new project that we’re taking on this year. It is an off-campus, black-tie dinner auction for Houston community members and other supporters of Camp Kesem Rice. We are looking for detailed-oriented committee members who are passionate about Camp Kesem and interested in planning these large-scale events while building relationships within the Rice and Houston communities.

 Deadline: 8:00 PM, Saturday, September 27th

Questions? Contact Daphne “Ducky” Chiao and Maria “Vanilla” Lima at

Development Committee

The Camp Kesem Rice Development team works to establish connections with foundations, corporations, and local organizations through grant proposals and fundraising collaborations. We also develop and execute an on-campus fundraising strategy. In order to establish a connection with private donors we develop and update collateral used for building relationships with these individuals. We manage donation processing and produce a promotional video for our chapter. Development focuses extensively on thanking those in the community and beyond who support Camp Kesem and fostering a network of donors and collaborators for the future of our organization. We are looking for committee members who are passionate about the Camp Kesem mission and willing to help us execute our fundraising plan to bring our 2015 camp to life. Committee members will gain invaluable knowledge about non-profits, fundraising, donor relations, and more!

Deadline: 11:59 PM, Saturday, September 27th

Questions? Contact Anjali “Sparkle” Raghuram and Amber “Butterfly” Lo at

Outreach Committee

The Camp Kesem Outreach team is currently responsible for establishing connections with the community, including hospitals and other outside organizations, through brochures and newsletters in order to provide families information about Camp Kesem and recruit campers. We will also be planning reunions for past counselors and campers to reconnect with each other. In order to accomplish our goal, we are looking for 3-4 dedicated, reliable, and passionate team members who are comfortable speaking in public and communicating with a diverse audience.

Deadline: 11:59 PM, Friday, October 3rd

Questions? Contact Shilpa “Snoopy” Nataraj and Judy “Jellybean” Yang at

Public Relations/Marketing Committee

The Camp Kesem PR/ Marketing coordinating team seeks to spread awareness of the Camp Kesem mission to the Rice and Greater Houston community. We achieve this goal through social media, multimedia, and general student campaigns. We are looking specifically for individuals with graphic design or photography and videography experience in order to help us promote the brand of Camp Kesem Rice to the Greater Houston Area.

Deadline: 11:59 pm, Sunday, October 5th

Questions? Contact David “Rufio” Lam and Sanjana “Yogi Bear” Puri at

Operations Committee

The Operations team is in charge of finding the campsite, managing the budget, and planning the schedule and activities for camp (this includes purchasing supplies, reserving rooms, obtaining buses & parking, getting in-kind donations, organizing the family picnic, and booking special guests for camp). As part of the operations committee, we will meet bi-weekly* to plan out the day-by-day camp schedule as well contacting organizations for in-kind donations. We are looking for a small committee of dedicated and detail-oriented individuals who love camp and are prepared to make Camp Kesem 2015 an incredible experience for our campers!

Deadline: 11:59PM, Friday, October 31st

Questions? Contact Cathy “Calamari” Cheng and Miriam “Tigger” Ohakam at