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Preparing Our Safari

So, once again, it’s been a pretty long time since we last posted on our blog (our apologies)! We have been doing some major construction on our website to let everyone learn about us since we are a new chapter.

First things first, we have continued our “Camp Kesemer Spotlight” page. For those who are not familiar, this is the page where we recognize people who go above and beyond to really help us achieve our goal to bring magic into the world. Second, we have finally posted some bios of our amazing counselors! You can check out our “Staff” page and scroll down to “Counselors” and you will be able to read about our counselors and why Camp Kesem is so important to them!

Before the summer, we reached a major milestone in our journey! We raised enough money to match our Livestrong grant! We are so eternally grateful for all the amazing support and contributions we have been receiving from our Cleveland and Case community.

Another achievement that happened during this past school year was that our chapter was presented with the “Outstanding New Student Organization” award from our Student Activities and Leadership office on campus. We are so honored to have received this recognition and we hope to continue our growth in the Case community.

Right now, we are working very hard to make sure everything is perfect for camp. We are trying to do some more fundraising to help us reach our ultimate goal. Additionally, we are working together to plan out the details and coordinate everything so that our first camp can run as a smooth success! We really want to make our camp the most fun it can be!

Finally, the reality of camp seems to be setting in more and more. As we approach our week of camp, we are made more and more aware of how real this camp is. I don’t think any of us knew what we were really getting into until we embarked on this amazing journey together. We can’t wait to meet all our campers and spend the best week of our lives with them!  So until then, we excitedly await our Safari Adventure!

Countdown: 43 days!