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Ritz is a junior studying pharmacy at Pitt! She is from Harrisburg, PA and chose her camp name because who doesn’t love a good Ritz cracker? Along with Camp Kesem, she is a member of the Student Health Advisory Board and involved in many pharmacy organizations such as Lambda Kappa Sigma, Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association, and RxPrep. She joined Camp Kesem to give kids a chance to be kids, forget about their worries, and just have fun!




Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent’s cancer. A program of Kesem, Camp Kesem operates over 100 free summer camps across the country for children ages 6 to 18 who have been impacted by a parent’s cancer. Kesem programs have a lasting impact on children by providing them a peer-support network that understands their unique needs, builds confidence and strengthens their communication skills.

Visit kesem.org for more information.