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Our Fearless New Leaders are “Good at Things”!

We would like to introduce and welcome our 2013-2014 Executive Board!


Jenna “Goose” Barnett

Ben “Bear” Means

Admin and Programming Coordinators: 

Justin “Gravy” Valle

Allie “Nugget” Herndon

Lainey “Puffin” Saunders

Camper Care Coordinators: 

Lindsay “Chiquita” Carrick

Mary Hampton “Taco” Farr

Dayna “Minnie” Gomes

Fundraising Coordinators: 

Callie “Jaws” Abernathy

Dan “Fiddy” Ryan

Emily “Stallion” Cissel

Katie “Lassie” Burke

Public Relations Coordinator: 

Carrie “Gump” Clemens

Student Support Coordinators: 

Miranda “Katniss” Brown

Shelby “Zuko” Starratt

Madison “Breezy” Dooley

We decided to put multiple counselors in some of the positions in order to manage workload, allow for more training, and ease the transition for new exec board members. We held our first Exec meeting last Wednesday and discussed great  fundraising, recruitment, and programming ideas for the upcoming year. We hope to spread even more magic as Camp Kesem UGA continues to grow!


We expect fantastic things from our new group of fearless leaders–if you can’t already tell, they are GOOD AT THINGS!


Camp-Exec Board 2 Camp-Exec Board 3 Camp-Exec Board