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Welcome to Camp Kesem at University of Oregon!


Camper Applications

The camper application for all new and returning campers is now open!!! Please have the following information ready before beginning the application:

  • Name, email, and phone numbers for two adults who can serve as emergency contacts
  • Your child’s health insurance group/policy number, if your child has health insurance.

Below is the link to the application! 



Amazon Wish List

This year we have started an Amazon Wish List for people who want to help us reach our craft and supplies goal for this year. Following the link below to help out! 



We had such an overwhelming amount of support last year and we can't thank you enough. All of us at Camp Kesem Oregon are so excited to announce for the 2017 year we will be doing 2 separate weeks of camp! This means we will have 2 weeks of water balloon fights, talent shows, and camp songs! Thank you to everyone who helped get us here. Now we need your help! Our goal to fundraise this year is $90,000. If you would like to donate to this amazing cause please follow the link in the "Donate" section of the website! 

"I hate cancer, but I love Camp Kesem!" 


Contact Us: uoregon@campkesem.org | 541-525-0719 | PO Box 51194, Eugene, Oregon 97405s