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One More Month until Camp!

There is only one more month left until camp! I know you are probably feeling like this:


That fact that camp is so close is still sinking in. The energy and efforts spent in fundraising, planning, and training has made this time go by in the blink of an eye. I am sure campers and counselors alike are anxiously waiting for camp to begin. I am beyond excited! Camp this summer is going to fulfill a list of firsts for me. Not only will this be my first time in Tennessee, but it will also be my first time as a camp counselor AND my first time at camp! Crazy huh? The thought of all of this has created a mix of emotions, as well as a million questions in my head.

Like I said, I am very excited.  It is one thing to hear stories and see pictures from camp. Learning camp names, singing camp songs, being a kid, and interacting with the campers sounds like so much fun. I am ready to experience it all for myself! Along with my excitement are slight feelings of nervousness. After all, it is a new environment, and I have never done this before. What is being a camp counselor like, who will my campers be, and most importantly, how is camp food? It is a lot to take in! However, once I get there I know that feeling will subside.

I am sure that my week at camp will definitely be the highlight of summer! I cannot wait to see the results of all of our hard work , and I am glad that I will be a part of it.

– KitKat  🙂