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Thank You Donors

Thank you for helping us make some magic!

We could not do this without the support of all of our donors.  Every contribution–big or small–helps so much!  Thank you for helping us support these children and families!  

View information about 2014 here: CK OSU Annual Report 2014


Special Thanks to…

Mike Craycraft
Jan Middleton
Sherri Perry
Ian Dort
Monica Lachey
Sidney Holloway
Emily Sandvik
Mary Rose Gill
Pam Leist
Theresa Bednar
Ramon Rodriguez
Greg Boone
Michelle Blatnik
Diana Robinson
Cathy Campbell
Paul Lutz
Bob Sammon
Doug and Joanne Bloomfield
Julie Jack
Gillian Gooch
Maria Galan
Sarah Adelsperger
Jean Ryan
Rakshit Ramachandra
Amie Draper
Mark Adelsperger
Kristen Catton
Nancy Biedenbach
Margaret Pachlhofer
Mary Anne Zubarev
Christopher Barda
Beth Segal
Susan Schultz
Michelle Blatnik
Kathy and David Yonto
Shelley Segal
Daniel Tedick
Alexander and Wyniki Alston
Carla Gallagher
Steve Marsh
Avis Perdue
June Morter
David Demler
Tina Thiel-Krock
Robert and Sharon Lee
Barbara McEldowny
Janine McMilan
Amy Dunn
Paul and Mary Kunnath
Reena Kunnath
Marc and Suzi Ullman
Jess Thatcher
Katie Denner
Joann Musbach
Louise Schmitt
Christopher Cooper
Linda and Shawn Cooper
Carol Roby
Liz Atkinson
Shana Samson
Dee and Ed Blasini