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Get Involved

Get Involved With CKOSU


Join the Kesem family!

We have selected our counselors for camp 2015 but if you are interested in Camp 2016 keep an eye out for our general body meetings and other ways you can get involved at https://www.facebook.com/CampKesematOSU.

Become a General Body Member

Our general body meetings are a time for all of our general body members to get together and share any new news about Camp Kesem OSU. They are run by our volunteer coordinators and are filled with camp songs, general information, and more details about how to become more involved with the organization. Email volunteer (osu.volunteer@campkesem.org) for the next meeting details. They are every other Sunday for fall semester in the RPAC.

Become a Committee Member

Our committees are run by coordinators who would love your help. Our committees are committed to creating the best experience for our campers the week of camp and throughout the year. To join a committee, reach out to the committee coordinators listed:

Volunteer: osu.volunteer@campkesem.org

Operations: osu.operations@campkesem.org

Development: osu.development@campkesem.org

Outreach: osu.outreach@campkesem.org

CIT/Teen Camp: osu.teen@campkesem.org

MTM: osu.mtm@campkesem.org

PR and Marketing: osu.pr@campkesem.org

If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to email our directors at osu@campkesem.org.