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Our Team

2014-15 Coordinator Team

 Our CK coordinators are striving to make as much magic as possible for the 2015 camp year!


Introducing our newest Directors 


Sundrop, also known as Sunny, is a 4th year Psych major and Disability Studies minor who is on the track to Occupational Therapy school. The messy games and campfires are Sundrop’s favorite part about camp and she loves to sing “It’s A 60’s Party”! If she could swap places with anyone for a day she would choose Ellen DeGeneres. One thing Sunny always wanted as a child was moon shoes. Orca whales are her favorite animal and if Sundrop had a super power, it would be either to teleport or have the ability to make delicious food appear. (Yum!)


Pinecone is a super senior majoring in Environmental Engineering. If he was able to pick a super power he would pick teleportation because then he could go anywhere in the world that he wanted. The best meal Pinecone ever had was while he was vacationing in Florida where he got to eat fresh oysters, scallops, and mussels straight off of the boats! Some of his favorite parts of camp are: singing “Princess Pat”, the messy games, and all of the random and unforgettable memories that he gets to make throughout the week.


Introducing our newest Outreach Coordinators

BarbieBarbie is a senior studying Middle Childhood Education. She loves welcoming all of the campers and their families on the first day of camp, and her favorite camp activity is making s’mores at the campfire. When asked if she preferred peanut butter or jelly, Barbie picked peanut butter because it goes with everything (especially chocolate)! One thing Barbie always wanted as a child was a treehouse…she even created multiple designs and layouts for one. Barbie loves Cinderella since she is strong and adventurous and is not afraid to fight for what she wants and believes in. Christmas is Barbie’s favorite holiday because she loves the spirit and getting together with family and friends.



Oatmeal is a sophomore in pre-Middle Childhood Education. Her favorite part about camp is the Empowerment Ceremony. She loves to sing “Pineapple Hat” and her dream vacation is to visit Australia. Oatmeal enjoys the fall season and the Disney character Olaf. In the pancakes or waffles debate, she votes waffles!



Introducing our newest Volunteer Coordinators

LeafLeaf is a sophomore studying Psychology and Neuroscience on a pre-med track. In the question of pancakes or waffles, he votes waffles because they have those perfect pockets to hold the syrup. He is also a fan of crunchy peanut butter, the color green, and his favorite camp song is “Button Factory”. One thing he always wanted as a kid was a ski lift to take him up the big hill that his family lived on, especially in the winter! Leaf says the best meal he’s ever eaten is the Mega Sub at OSU, which has chicken fingers, bacon, onion rings, fries, mac and cheese, and honey mustard sauce on it. What a sub!



Glitterbug is a super senior in Human Development and Family Science. Messy games are her favorite part of camp. In the peanut butter or jelly debate, she definitely votes peanut butter! Her favorite holiday is Christmas and her favorite season is fall because she loves wearing scarves. If Glitterbug had a superpower it would be either to fly or control time. Her dream vacation is to visit all of the major cities in Europe, and she’ll be starting off by visiting London, Paris, and Rome next summer!


Introducing our newest Operations Coordinators


Bambi is a senior studying Animal Science. Her favorite camp song is the Llama song (Don’t forget Barack O’Llama!) In the question of green or blue, she votes blue. Her favorite part of camp is singing songs around the campfire. She enjoys waffles and the season fall. Her dream vacation would be to go to Australia and New Zealand!




Squirt is a second year studying Neuroscience. Her favorite part about camp is the campfire! She loves the s’mores! When Squirt was a kid, she always wanted a drum set or a horse. She has always loved turtles. Fun Fact: her name comes from the little turtle in Finding Nemo! Squirt also loves Christmas and would love to be able to fly if she could have any super power. Her dream vacation would be Hawaii because she loves the ocean and life at the beach!


Introducing our newest Public Relations Coordinators


Snowflake is a senior majoring in Medical Dietetics. Her favorite part about camp is singing Carmen Ohio around the campfire and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Snowflake’s biggest passion is traveling. She likes to take any opportunity for a new adventure and wants her next trip to be India! Winter is her favorite season and she admires the Disney princess Pocahontas. Fun fact: Snowflake absolutely loves both sheep and alligators, even though they’re so different!



Sandy is a second year studying Human Development and Family Science. Sandy loves the beach! She enjoys playing in the sand while the waves rush up on the shore. Her favorite food is chili, but she has to have a peanut butter sandwich with it or it’s just not the same! So in the debate between peanut butter and jelly, she definitely picks peanut butter! Sandy’s favorite part about camp is hanging out with all of the awesome campers all day long! She also loves to sing all of the songs. “60’s Party” is one of her favorites.


Introducing our newest Development Coordinators


Gobbles is a senior Health Sciences major. He enjoys Belgium waffles and Christmas. If given the opportunity to swap places with anyone for a day he would pick Spiderman! (Who wouldn’t want to be a superhero even if only for one day?!) Gobbles’ own personal hero is his grandpa since he always puts others before himself. New experiences are something Gobbles is always up for! He would love to vacation anywhere he hasn’t before to experience the excitement someplace new. He loves the excitement of camp and his favorite part is seeing how much the enthusiasm of the campers grows throughout the week.





Kangaroo, also known as Roo, is a senior majoring in Biomedical Science. Campfires are Roo’s favorite part of camp. He also loves waffles, specifically from Waffle House, and Trix cereal. (Must be a breakfast fan!) When choosing between the beach and a pool, he picks a pool every time. Roo can’t pick between peanut butter and jelly because he likes to have them both on his sandwiches.



Introducing our newest Make the Magic Coordinators


Aqua is a 3rd year studying Health Sciences. She would love to be able to explore Thailand if she got the chance. Her favorite season is fall and she likes pancakes. In the debate between green and blue, Aqua picks both because you need green and blue for Kesem! When she was little, she always wanted an American Girl doll named Kaya. Aqua’s favorite part about camp is definitely the campers because they are so fun and inspiring!




Guppy is a senior majoring in Health Sciences and Disabilities Studies. Guppy loved singing “Get Loose” at camp with Nala. Her favorite part about camp is seeing how much fun the campers have all week and the luncheon with the families at the end of the week. Her favorite season is autumn because she loves going apple picking, going on hayrides, and football. In a debate between peanut butter and jelly, Guppy picks jelly because (fun fact) she is allergic to peanut butter! She also loves Crispix cereal, but she has to eat it with chocolate milk. Another one of Guppy’s favorites is Christmas. She loves the music, baking, family time, and all of the happiness that comes with the Christmas season.


Introducing our newest Teen Camp & CIT Coordinator



Buddy is a senior studying Biology. Her favorite part of camp was the cabin chat that teen camp had at their campout last summer (she has a lot of fond memories from it!) Her favorite camp song is “Hey, Burrito!” and if she could have any super power it would be to fly. Buddy says she is inspired by our campers because they are so brave, strong, compassionate, and they make her want to be a better person. In the blue or green debate, she votes blue!