Call On Karl

Camp Kesem OSU strives to create a supportive and family-like environment for our Camp Kesem community year-round. This year we are trying to emphasize this program to help maintain the magic of camp and to be a part of our camper families lives all year.

Call On Karl allows us to continue to be a resource for our camper families throughout the year instead of just at camp. Call On Karl means that you can reach out to us if you have anything that we could do that may be helpful and we will do our best to meet that request! It can be short notice, or well in advance. All programs are provided completely free and open to all of our camper families.

Examples of things our camp counselors do through Call On Karl include:

• Babysitting
• Cooking a meal
• Taking campers on a fun outing or just hanging out (bowling, a movie, etc.)
• Connecting families to other resources
• Cheering section at campers events (basketball games, school plays, etc.)
• Anything you think of that may be helpful or fun!

If you are a new or returning Camp Kesem family we would love for you to participate in Call On Karl! We are always so excited to hear from our camper families, and love being able to see our campers throughout the year. You can fill out the form by clicking here and we will contact you within 48 hours to start setting up details!

If you have any questions please email our Community Outreach Coordinators.