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Camp Kesem at OSU Roadtrip 2014 Day 5!

Day five of Camp Kesem OSU began with a stop at the mess hall for breakfast. This morning’s meal consisted of cinnamon raisin biscuits, grits, yogurt, and toast with our campers’ morning beverage of choice – milk! As soon as we finished up with breakfast, we spent the rest of our morning taking part in […]

Camp Kesem OSU Roadtrip 2014 Day 4!

Day four of our CK Roadtrip was a sleepy morning for campers and counselors alike. However, after fueling up with egg wraps, yogurt parfait, cereal, and bagels we were excited and ready to head to the day’s first activities. During this time, Unit One got to learn archery while Unit Two had the chance to […]

Camp Kesem OSU Roadtrip 2014 Day Three

Day three got off to an early start with a delicious pancake breakfast followed by the three programmed activities: horseback riding, the big swing, archery, and rock climbing along with parachute games and arts and crafts. Unit One got to go on the rock wall, Unit Two had a ride on the horses, Unit Three […]

Camp Kesem OSU Roadtrip – Day Two!

The second day of our CK Roadtrip came quickly as our counselors woke up the very sleepy campers. After they fueled up at breakfast, the campers headed to their first programmed activity—archery, rock climbing, horseback riding, or the big swing!  Unit One enjoyed nice, leisurely rides atop of horses, Unit Two got their adrenaline going […]

Camp Kesem OSU Roadtrip – Day One

Day one at Camp Kesem at Ohio State was a success! The campers arrived full of excitement this afternoon with luggage and smiles ready to go. They headed to check-in where they were greeted with lots of CK Love. Each camper got a brand new name tag and went on their way to meet their […]

CKOSU 2013-Camp Day 4!

As the last full day of camp, Thursday was bound to be one of the best days yet! Thursday: The morning began with breakfast and then the start of the morning rotations.  The campers got to go to drama, arts and crafts, and sports.  At drama, the campers played some acting games and then were […]

CKOSU 2013-Camp Day 3!

CAMP KESEM’S THE PLACE TO BE, WE’VE GOT MAGIC 1-2-3! Wednesday: Our third day of camp was full of laughs, smiles, fun, and the most magic yet!  After breakfast, the campers went on to their morning rotations, which included arts and crafts, drama, and rock climbing.  During arts and crafts, the campers had a chance […]

CKOSU 2013-Camp Day 2!

And the fun and magic continues… Tuesday: As our second full day of the week, the pressure was on to make this day even better then the ones before.  After waking up and having some breakfast, the campers all began their first rotation of the day!  During arts and crafts the campers got a little […]

CKOSU 2013-Camp Day 1!

Camp Kesem OSU has finally arrived and each day is full of more and more magic! The arrival of the kids on Sunday started the week on a peppy, fun-filled note.  After the kids were dropped off, we had some cabin time where the campers were able to meet other kids in their unit, as […]

‘Twas the hours before CKOSU!

The counselors sat prepping their cabins and beds, While lyrics of camp songs raced through their heads. The signs were hung in the windows with care, In hopes that our campers would soon be there. After months of planning activities and fun, The day for Camp Kesem had finally come! In a few short hours […]