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About the Counselors

All counselors are Northwestern students who go through a competitive application and interview process during the fall quarter. Counselors are placed into different committees that together make Camp Kesem Northwestern possible.  We welcome all students to join a committee to help out, as you are not required to be a counselor to be on a committee.  All of our students are passionate about the mission of Camp Kesem and often put in several hours each week on top of their coursework to make camp as successful as possible.

Our 2013-2014 Executive Board

AlaskaCo-Director: Alaska
Year: Senior
Major: Economics, Political Science and Business
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Fun Fact: He can tell you a lot about the history of gnomes.


Snow WhiteCo-Director: Snow White
Year: Senior
Major: Flute Performance
Hometown: Dix Hills, New York
Fun Fact: Instead of going abroad, she went to Disney World.


Make the Magic Co-Coordinator: Copper
Year: Junior
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Naperville, Illinois
Fun Fact: She can sing along to every Disney movie song.


Make the Magic Co-Coordinator: Maverick
Year: Junior
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Hometown: Seatlle, Washington
Fun Fact: He is prepared for a zombie invasion.


Fundraising Coordinator: Zamboni
Year: Senior
Major: Biological Sciences
Hometown: Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Fun Fact: He is a member of a musical fraternity.


PR & Marketing Coordinator: Cheddar
Year: Sophomore
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Fun Fact: She has met Miley Cyrus!


Operations Co-Coordinator: Casper
Year: Sophomore
Majors: MMSS & Economics
Hometown: Riverdale, New York
Fun Fact: He speaks three languages!


Operations Co-Coordinator: Toto
Year: Freshman
Major: Learning and Organizational Change
Hometown: Oceanside, New York
Fun Fact: She can talk like the Disney character Stitch.


Volunteer Co-Coordinator: Twinkie
Year: Senior
Majors: Economics and Political Science
Hometown: Elmhurst, Illinois
Fun Fact: She has been to 35 states.


Hot MustardVolunteer Co-Coordinator: Hot Mustard
Year: Senior
Major: Radio, Television and Film
Hometown: Franklin Park, Illinois
Fun Fact: He is in a comedy group.


Grants Coordinator: Sherlock
Year: Sophomore
Major: Learning and Organizational Change
Hometown: East Lansing, Michigan
Fun Fact: She was in a Broadway musical!


CliffordOutreach Co-Coordinator: Clifford
Year: Senior
Majors: Biology and Psychology
Hometown: McHenry, Illinois
Fun Fact: His family breeds Canadian geese.


Outreach Co-Coordinator: Nemo
Year: Sophomore
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Los Altos, California
Fun Fact: She has been skydiving


Our 2015 Counselors

Meet some of the new and returning counselors!


Year: Senior
Majors: Economics & Urban Studies
Hometown: Seoul, South Korea
Fun Fact: He loves orange juice…


Year: Senior
Major: Journalism
Hometown: Murietta, California
Fun Fact: She once fell into a penguin exhibit at the zoo.


Ghost RiderGhost Rider
Year: Senior
Major: Biology
Hometown: Rochester, Minnesota
Fun Fact: He founded a medical journal.


Year: Senior
Major: Communications Science and Disorders
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Fun Fact: He has German citizenship.


Green BeanGreen Bean
Year: Senior
Major: Economics and Political Science
Hometown: Columbus, Ohio
Fun Fact: She studied abroad in Paris


Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science and Pre-Medicine
Hometown: Coppell, Texas
Fun Fact: He is a tour guide for Northwestern.


Year: Junior
Majors: Pyschology & Global Health
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Fun Fact: Her eyes are two different colors!


Jelly Belly
Year: Junior
Major: Journalism and International Studies
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Fun Fact: She has stood on five different continents.


Kit Kat
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology and Global Health Studies
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Fun Fact: She gifts pillows with an image of her face on them.


Year: Senior
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Mamaroneck, New York
Fun Fact: She studied abroad in Bolivia.


Year: Sophomore
Major: Communications Sciences and Disorders
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Fun Fact: She is a second degree black belt!


Year: Senior
Majors: Biology & Science in Human Culture
Hometown: Tampa, Florida
Fun Fact: She is in an Indian dance group.


Year: Sophomore
Majors: Psychology and Global Health
Hometown: Boxford, Massachusetts
Fun Fact: He writes “awesome” raps on his phone.


Red RangerRed Ranger
Year: Junior
Major: Religious Studies
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Fun Fact: She can pop her big toe on command.


Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Evanston, Illinois
Fun Fact: He aspires to be a Bollywood dance star.


Spicy TofuSpicy Tofu
Year: Junior
Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Fun Fact: He biked around Taiwan in high school.


Year: Sophomore
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Medfield, Massachusetts
Fun Fact: He has made Disney-certified Flubber before.


Yogi BearYogi Bear
Year: Sophomore
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois
Fun Fact: He can do the splits!




1. Outreach – in charge of recruiting campers and staying in contact with families throughout the year. They send out information to prospective campers and organizations and contact parents in order to provide communication between our camp and prospective families

2. Development – organizes campus fundraising events throughout the year, applies for support from local foundations, and contacts local businesses for support and sponsorships.

3. Operations – plans the entire schedule of camp, which involves creating a new and exciting set of activities every year! They decide what special guests to bring in, and the special themes of each day. Also in charge of organizing reunions throughout the year.

4. PR and Marketing – gets the word out about camp to kids and families in the Chicagoland area.  In charge of the website, campus flyering, and getting in contact with newspapers and the local media about Camp Kesem at Northwestern.

5. Volunteer Support – recruits and trains the counselors. They are responsible for making sure counselors are 100% ready for the summer session.

Interested in becoming a counselor?

As a counselor in Camp Kesem Northwestern, you will:

1. Provide a place that offers caring support for campers and their families
2. Spend a magical week with wonderful children during the summer
3. Be part of a group of 50+ volunteer counselors dedicated to making Camp Kesem possible
4. Undergo extensive training prior to camp
5. Work with the CKNU administrative team, and Camp Kesem National’s professional staff to promote our mission and values
6. Organize special camp events with creative themes
7. Enjoy tasty smores around a bonfire sharing stories
8. Much much more!

We hope that you will all consider applying to become part of this amazing organization, dedicated to serving families and children suffering from the burden of cancer. Email us at northwestern@campkesem.org with any questions or concerns. Thanks again for all your support and interest!

2013 Counselor Boys’ Dance

Camp Kesem NU Boy’s Dance 2013