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Parents and Campers

Why go to Camp Kesem?

Camp Kesem gives our campers a chance to have fun and be kids again without the worries and struggles they may be facing at home.  We are not a therapy camp, our sole purpose is to give our campers a fun atmosphere where they can forget about cancer.  The only time cancer is mentioned is during our Impowerment Ceremony on the last day of camp, or if the campers bring it up themselves.  That is the magical thing about camp kesem, all of the campers have had similar experiences because they have had or has a parent facing cancer; this allows the campers to share their struggles with those who understand what each other is going through.  “Based on post-camp surveys completed by campers and parents, the two most significant ways in which Camp Kesem programs impact children are: 1) increased self-esteem and 2) increase in number of friendships with children who have/had a parent with cancer”.  See the Rave Reviews by parents, campers, and counselors on their thoughts of the camp experience.

What do you do at camp?

All camp activities are planned by our Administration and Camp Programming Coordinators so specific activities may vary but “A Day at Camp” provides a general overview of the daily camp activities.

What staff are present at camp?

The Coordinating Team recruits student volunteers to serve as counselors.  All counselors go through a lengthy training program to prepare them for the week of camp.  The counselors and coordinators are responsible for planning and carrying out the camp activities.  Camp Kesem keeps a 3:1 camper/counselor ratio; so parents, you can be sure your children are always being looked after and safe.  The Camp Advisor, employed by Camp Kesem National, is also present at camp and serves as a resource all year long to help the coordinating team and counselors prepare for camp.  A Nurse and a Mental Health Professional are present for the week of camp to serve as a resource for campers and counselors.  The camp site facility provides staff for cooking, cleaning, and maintenance.