Camp Kesem 2014

Camp Kesem Michigan State will be holding camp at Camp Pinewood in Twin Lake, MI (4230 Obenauf Rd.). The dates are August 10th – 16th. This year we have expanded to inviting 90 campers to camp! This also includes are new Counselor In Training program, now open to girl and boy units!



A parent’s perspective: “Thanks Camp Kesem MSU, the boys had an amazing time AGAIN! Thank you for giving these kids one magical week where they are surrounded by people who understand the ups and downs of the cancer world. We are so appreciative that you provide this opportunity in such a fun, creative, and safe way. You are all such a blessing! Can’t wait for the fall reunion :)



Interested in applying?

We have reached our 90 camper limit this summer but please feel free to still apply to be added to our waitlist! If we have a camper drop, we will contact next on the waitlist to come to camp!

Click here to apply: 2014 Camper Application

For any questions or concerns regarding applications or camp, please call our Family Outreach Coordinators at 517-618-1909


What is a typical day of camp like?


  • Wake up- songs, energizers
  • Breakfast
  • Free select 1 -  these are counselor-led activities of all different sorts that campers get to choose which ones they go to.  This gives campers the freedom to pick activities they personally like- whether it be sports, arts and crafts, or something a little crazy.
  • Free select 2
  • Lunch
  • Water Activity 1- this can be anything from free swim to water games, canoeing to fishing and kayaking.
  • Water Activity 2
  • Rest Hour- zzz…
  • Dry Activity 1- these are things like arts & crafts, sports & rec, high & low ropes, zip line, climbing wall,and drama.
  • Dry Activity 2
  • Dinner
  • Night Activity- this is an activity that the entire camp does together, the other activities aresplit upby units.  In the past,night activities have been things such as: opening camp fire, color wars, messy olympics, around the world, andtalent show.
  • Cabin Chat- this is a great time for campers and counselors to get to know each other and talk about their favorite parts ofthe day, or whatever topic they choose that night.Most of the time it is split up by unit, and then by girls and boys, some units do joint cabin chats at least onenight during theweek.
  • Bed time!





What does camp look like?

This is Adreani- the younger units’ cabin with boys on one half and girls on the other.

This is Adreani- the younger units’ cabin with boys on one half and girls on the other- this is the middle meeting section.

This is one of the older units’ cabins.

This is where we have our talent show!