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Mountain Monday

Yesterday was our first full day of camp! And full of activities it was! The day started off with a super fun boom, as the table cheers from “morning spirit check” reverberated throughout the dining hall.

The campers really enjoyed their activity rotations. At arts and crafts, campers decorated bandannas – great work, guys! Campers participated in relay-race style obstacle courses up on the big field. From hula hooping competitions to games of tug-o-war, everyone tried his or her best and cheered the teams on.

Another highlight was our evening activity–a giant game of capture the flag. One of our most agile counselors, Skittles, kept a whole group of campers entertained during the game.

Right on par with yesterday’s theme of “in the mountains,” we had Cup’o’Dirt for dessert! This treat includes chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, with gummy worms on top.. Mhmm delicious!

As the rest of our happy campers headed to their cabins with full bellies, the teen campers had a special movie viewing of “The Avengers” before bed. What a day! We can’t wait for more action-packed fun to come for the rest of the week!


Kesem Love,