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Monday Update!

It’s a jungle out here!  It was ‘Dress as an Animal’ Day today, and boy did we have some crazy animals! We had some rabbit ears, pig noses, chicken beaks, and a whole lot of cheetah print. The zoo came by and brought a frog, bearded dragon, and crocodile that the kids enjoyed petting and learning about.

For those new campers, today was filled with a lot of firsts!  The swim test was today, which will give guidelines as to how far the kids can go depth-wise in the pool.  Our first set of rotations was today: tie-dye, archery, GaGa ball (Camp favorite!!), and an improvisation game called party quirks.  The teen unit got the chance to try out their skills on the high ropes course. The units travel from rotation to rotation together throughout the day; they had valuable bonding time!

Our all-camp activity today was Ship and Shore, which the kids love! It is similar to Simon Says, as you call out phrases.  We ended tonight with our closing circle song, and the Camp Kesem cheer. Come the end of the week all of the campers and counselors will have these songs stuck in their heads, don’t be surprised if they come home and are humming these after camp!


Peace. Love. Camp Kesem.