For Parents

At Camp Kesem, we recognize the challanges you face and how they affect your entire family. We want to provide your child not only with a fun-filled week, but also with camaraderie and perspective that will last beyond the summer. Camp Kesem is for your son, who feels like he is the only one experiencing this struggle. Camp Kesem is for your daughter, who doesn’t know anyone her age with whom she can talk. Above all, Camp Kesem is sensitive to your family and here for you always. We appreciate your support and encourage you to contact us with questions.


“I also really wanted to thank you and the rest of the staff for making John’s week at camp so magical for him. Since we have been home it is all he talks about. He has also taught the whole family to sing “Bazooka Bubble Gum” and “Silly Moose.” Also John now sleeps alone in his own bed! You all provided him an opportunity to grow and built confidence in him all in 5 days.” -Mother of child, age 6

“Many of the kids asked if they could stay longer, and most asked if they could come back the next year. The parents also expressed a great deal of appreciation at the potluck pickup and talent show at the end of camp. One parent has already offered her home for the October reunion, we have received a number of emails expressing how much fun their kids had, and parents have told me that they are determined to tell all of their friends with cancer about this service. Furthermore, I was very happy to hear the parents all chatting at the breakfast drop-off, and at the potluck pickup, as many were exchanging stories and building new bridges.” -CK MIT Advisor