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Meet the Coordinators

The MIT Camp Kesem staff can be reached at mit@campkesem.org. Please send us any questions or comments — we would love to hear from you! Otherwise, look below to meet the organizers behind Camp Kesem MIT 2014.


Jonathon “Mac” Zuniga

Howdy Y’all! My name is Mac, and I am so excited to be working on Camp Kesem 2015! Camp Kesem has been an incredible experience for me here at MIT, and there’s nothing I love more than to give back every day. When I’m not studying Chemical Engineering under my alias, Jonathon, I’m usually kicking back with friends, singing songs, or eating the greatest food of all time, mac & cheese. I can’t wait to see how our coordinators and counselors are going to make this next year the best yet!


Sami “Cheese” Alsheikh

Hey! My name is Cheese. I am a junior studying computer science, but that’s just what I do when I’m not Camp Keseming. I have three younger siblings who are all wonderful, just like Camp. I am beyond psyched for Camp Kesem 2015!!

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Lizy “Peaches” Trujillo

Hi everyone! I’m Peaches and I hail from the great land of China, traveled through the silk road where the Spanish eventually brought me to the New World (Mexico specifically) and I eventually found myself growing up in the beautiful suburbs of New York [A semi-true history of peaches]. I’m currently a junior studying Biological Engineering and I love being with my family, finding strange earrings, going to 60’s parties, and -of course – Camp Kesem! This will be my third year at camp and I simply cannot wait to see how ridiculously amazing our counselors and coordinators will make Camp Kesem 2015!!


Michael “Mars” Handley

‘eyo everyone! My name’s Mars and when I’m not camping it I’m studying Math with Computer Science here at MIT. I had an out-of-this world time this year as a counselor for the 10-11s at Camp, and am looking forward to making 2015 a stellar year as one of CK MIT’s Outreach Coordinators!


Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.34.39 PM.png

“Hi guys! My name is Keriann but at camp I go by Sassafras or Sass.  I am a current junior studying Chemical Engineering, but that just occupies my time when I’m not with my CK friends as a Camper Care Coordinator! Looking forward to a great year and another great 2 weeks of camp!”

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Katie “Gizmo” Lee

Hey! My name is Gizmo aka Katie Lee, and I’m a senior majoring in computer science.  Growing up with Girl Scouts and Camp Galileo, I live for crafts & games, and I breathe camp songs.  I’m super excited to be planning camp activities this summer with Fuego and Mac (united, we’re FueGizMac!), and I can’t wait to see y’all in August!

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Camilo “Fuego” Ruiz

Yo! I’m Fuego. My “other” name is Camilo Ruiz. At MIT, I’m majoring in Biological Engineering. I’m super pumped to help with operations this year!


Carlos “Goofy” Torres

“¡Hola! My name is Goofy (or Goofs). I come all the way from the beautiful, sunny island of Puerto Rico. I’m a junior at MIT studying Biological Engineering and concentrating in Portuguese (yay for trilinguals!). I’m also a Varsity Lightweight Rower here at the ‘Tute. I enjoy photography and editing in my spare time and enjoy taking on new adventures. I LOVE Camp Kesem and the big CK MIT family I am a part of. #KesemLove

Anubhav “Mickey” Jain

HI! My name is Mickey and I’m a junior studying Computer Science! Whenever I get a chance, I love to dance, cook and bake, smile and eat yummy food. I’m super pumped to be on the Fundraising team to help make Camp Kesem 2015 an amazing experience!!!

Juan Jose “Charlie” Jaramillo Montezco

Hi everybody! My name is Charlie! In my spare time I like chasing ducks (apparently people call them geese?), petting golden retrievers, and hang out with all my brothers. The fastest way of making me happy is by dancing to Little Sally Walker or by Riding a Pony — keep that in mind! I am so excited for camp to start; hopefully you are, too!

Rachel “Squagel” McDermott

My name is Squagel, but you can call me Squags or, if you must, Rachel. I’m involved in several organizations on campus, but my absolute favorite is CK. For my final year on Coord Board, I’m thrilled to be working with Kitty on the Student Support committee to make CK 2015 the best year ever! Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions or if you ever want to join me for some square bagels. CLAM!


Katie “Kitty” Ward

Meow, meow meow meow mew mew meow! For those of you who don’t speak cat, my name is Kitty (although the non-felines tend to call me Katie). Besides loving all things furry and purry, I also study Mechanical Engineering at MIT. My role in our awesome CK family is Supporting our Student counselors to make sure they’re ready to spread some Kesem MagiCK by the time camp rolls around. All this camp talk makes me wish I were at camp right meow!!! See you soon!!

Amelia “Rodeo” Mockett

Howdy y’all – it’s Rodeo (also known as Amelia)! I’m a senior studying Biological Engineering, but I prefer to spend my time pondering the Teen Program with Sonic and Cheese. When I’m not doing those things, you might find me running through Boston, ravenously consuming cheesy bread (sorry, Cheese!), or listening to Harry Potter on audiobook. I love working on all things Teen and LIT, and I’m counting down the days until CAMP 2015!

Juandi “Sonic” Castrillon

Hey friends. My name is Sonic and I absolutely loved being with the Teen Program this past camp! Rodeo and I will be planning this upcoming year’s Teen Program, which I’m PUMPED about. Can’t wait for next year!

Ehsan “Pomegranate” Izadmehr

Hi! My name is Pomegranate aka Ehsan. I am a senior in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences. This will be my second year involved with Camp Kesem, and my first year as a coordinator. I will be working with Cheese and Mittens this year on the Public Relations committee to help spread the mission of Camp Kesem to MIT and the greater Boston community. Joining Camp Kesem is undoubtedly one of the best decisions I made during college. I cannot wait until Camp Kesem 2015. CLAM and Wamakima for life!

Kathy “Mittens” Yang

Hi! My name is Mittens. I’m from Michigan, which is shaped like a mitten. I also wear mittens on my hands, which are conveniently mitten-shaped when my fingers are closed. My Chinese name is Mi Teng, which roughly translates to Kathy. I’m a senior studying Mechanical Engineering, and I’m super pumped to be a PR coordinator for CK this year! If I’m not doing working, eating, playing the clarinet, baking, doodling, or daydreaming about Camp, I’m probably asleep.