About Us

Our Mission is Two-Fold

To build a supportive community for Missouri families coping with cancer by creating the week of Camp Kesem and camp reunions.

To empower students to participate in community service by providing leadership positions, organizational roles, and opportunities to work directly or indirectly with children who have/had a parent with cancer.

Our Campers

Open to all children, ages 6-16, in Missouri, who have a parent who has or had cancer.

We will welcome over 100 campers in 2015, our fourth year of camp.

Our Camp

Envisioned, developed and organized by students at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

We held our first camp in August of 2012 and hosted 30 campers.

Free for the families served.

Receives 100% of its support from individuals, foundations, and corporations.

Was a recipient of LiveSTRONG’s Community Impact Project grant in 2011.

Sponsored by Camp Kesem National, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization.

Camp Kesem is open to all children regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, or financial status.


Our Counselors & Staff

Camp Kesem Mizzou maintains a 2:1 camper:counselor ratio!

Counselors undergo extensive training prior to camp.

All counselors undergo a background check before selection.

Medical staff includes a nurse and a child psychologist or therapist.

The Camp Kesem administrative team is comprised of 2 Directors and 15 Coordinators all under the guidance of the Camp Kesem Advisory Committee and Camp Kesem National’s professional staff.