Meet our Counselors

Check out this years counselors!


Shelby Princess Wilcox


Princess is going to be a Sophomore Psychology major.  At this year’s camp, she is most looking forward to getting to meet all the adorable campers. When asked to tell her best joke, Princess responded:

Why was Cinderella not very good at soccer?

She always ran from the ball and she kept losing her shoe!


Andrew Waldo Hughes

CK Pic for Website

Waldo is going to be a Senior Biology major.  At camp he is most excited for evening bonfires at camp this year, where he says he will “end up eating way too many S’mores.”  Waldo’s biggest pet peeve is people who talk on their phones in the library.




Steph Fifi Dewald


Fifi is going to be a Junior Genetics, Cell Biology, and Development major.  She is super excited to try and relive her childhood and hopefully get the chance to do some canoeing at camp this year. If Fifi could be any animal in the world she would be a Lynx, because they’re the most unique cat in the world.




Patrick Krispy Nelson


Krispy is going to be a Senior Biology major.  He is super excited about seeing all the campers again this year at camp. If Krispy could create a piece of art in any medium, it would be in the form of a musical piano installation that could instantly put anyone that heard it in a better mood.






Anna Curly Q Cobus


Curly Q is going to be a Senior Architecture major. She is looking forward to messy days, swimming and singing camp songs! At camp this year Anna is looking forward to seeing all the old counselors and campers and meeting the new ones to welcome them to the Kesem family!! If Curly Q could be granted one ability is would be to Teleport. “I think it would be awesome to be able to get everywhere you want super fast and it would make traveling a lot easier!”


Lila Leaf Westreich


Leaf is going to be a Senior Horticulture and Plant Sciences major. At camp she is looking forward to acting crazy and getting to know all the new and returning kids. I can’t wait to help out with activities and have fun! Leaf’s favorite TV show to watch in a marathon is 30 Rock. She’s seen the entire series more times than she can count on two hands, and loves to constantly quoting it. If you’ve ever laughed at something she sys, it was probably from 30 Rock.




Corey Froot Loop Andrus


Froot Loop is a Graduating Senior studying architecture. He is most excited about getting to have fun outside with new and returning campers this year at camp. If he could go on a vacation in Hawaii or Alaska, he would pick Alaska because he has never been and really wants to see a real live moose on the loose drinking juice.



Taylor Tater Tot Hilbrant

431652_4127780751304_2039845090_n (3)

Tater Tot is going to be a Sophomore Kinesiology major with a minor in Spanish. She is excited to get to know all the campers and just having a super fun week playing games and hanging out! The best thing Tator Tot has ever ate is a Brookie, which is brownie and a cookie baked together that her mom made.






Alex Ash Christl


Ash is going to be a Senior Biology major. This year at camp he is excited about becoming friends with the counselors and meeting the kids. If Ash could vacation anywhere, he would go to Greece.







Haydar Mufasa Baydoun


Mufasa is a graduated senior Architecture major. He is most excited about the opportunity to put a smile on a child’s face at camp, and to just have fun together with campers and counselors. If Mufasa could be one cartoon character he would be Aladdin.




Mckenzie Aurora Filzen


Aurora is going to be a Sophomore Biology, Societies, and Environment major with minors in Nutrition and Public Health. At camp she is most excited to spend a week in warm weather and meet the campers. Aurora’s favorite book is The Fault In Our Stars.





Katelyn Cookie Friedt

imageCookie is going to be a Senior Dental Hygiene major. when thinking about camp she is most excited to get to know all of the kiddos and have lots of laughs with everyone! The one person Cookie would want with her if she was stranded on a deserted island would be her dad.






Cameron Kicks Schilling

Schilling Camp Kesem PhotoKicks is going to be a Senior Biology major. He is most excited about becoming being able to spend time outdoors in a Minnesota Summer and enjoying time with the kids at camp. Kicks dream job is to be a professional world tourist.

Shannon Panda Pappas

student board picture

Panda is going to be a Sophomore Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior major. at camp this year she is most excited to hang out and have fun with all the kids and counselors before fall semester begins. If Panda could be any animal she would be a goose, “so I could have a funny walk and get to honk at people as they walk by”.

Luke Smalls Blatti


Smalls is going to be a Sophomore Finance Major. He is most excited to meet all the campers. If Smalls could have one talent, it would be the ability to play the cello.






Katie Dookie O’Neill

1656214_648663118524124_575801756_nDookie is going to be a Senior Theatre Arts and Communication Studies Major. She is most excited to make life-changing memories with amazing new friends. If Dookie could only watch one movie for the rest of her life it would be Transformers 2.






Mike Moose Stoffel


Moose is a going to be a Senior Chemical Engineering major. At camp he is looking forward to making a difference in as many campers’ life as possible! The best thing Moose ever ate was his grandma’s homemade hot beef sandwich.

Brianna Chia Kunhe

216735_2145278145353_1203830_nChia is going to be a junior and while she hasn’t officially declared major she is planning on doing an individualized study major through the college of liberal arts. She is planning on doing something with financial economics and spanish. At camp she is looking forward to spending a week outdoors getting to know some awesome peers and cool kids. Furthermore she is excited to have a week away from technology, and to have fun before starting the fall semester. Chia’s favorite subject in school when she was younger was always math but not quite as much in college because it’s way over my head.

Tyler Meatloaf  Loomer


Meatloaf is going to be a Senior Physiology major.  At this year’s camp, he is looking forward to hanging out with all of the counselors and campers, and having a blast on messy day. When asked to tell his best joke, Meatloaf responded:

What did the big bucket say to the little bucket?
You look a little pail!







Rebecca Bean Jakobek

photo1Bean is a graduating Senior Communications major. Making a difference in a child’s life is what she is most looking forward to this year at camp! Bean was asked  if she would  rather go on a vacation to Hawaii or Alaska? “Hawaii, because I would love to scuba dive in an inactive volcano!”

Matthew ZigZag Oliver

0403141805ZigZag is going to be a Senior Electrical Engineering major. At camp this year he is most looking forward to the games, especially ships across the ocean. As A kid ZigZags favorite activity in gym was the mile run.







Allison Squeaker Stroman

Kesem pic

Squeaker is going to be a Senior majoring in Mathematics-Education. At camp she is looking forward to messy day.  The best gift Squeaker has ever received was her full carbon racing bike.








Cody CoCo Clark

camp kesemCoCo is going to be a Senior majoring in Economics and Political Science. At camp he is excited to have fun with the kids and meeting all the counselors! CoCo’s favorite childhood movie was Little Rascals.


Casey Pants Muellenbach


Pants is going to be a sophomore who has not yet decided a major. At camp she is looking forward to getting to spend time with the campers and running around outside.  Pants dream job is to be a photographer for National Geographic.