Camp 2015

Official Camp 2015 Dates!

Week 1: August 2-7 2015

Week 2: August 9-14 2015

Registration opens THURSDAY JANUARY 15TH

Counselor applications open December 2nd and close January 7th

Camp Kesem at the University of Michigan is happy to announce that we will once again be returning to YMCA Camp Copneconic in Fenton, Michigan! Camp Copneconic is an incredibly fun, safe, and welcoming facility filled with the most genuine and helpful staff. We are so grateful to be able to return year after year to a place like Copneconic. Let the countdown to August begin!

For more information about YMCA Camp Copneconic, please head to their website here.

The theme for Camp 2015 will be Read Along with Camp Kesem!

Camp Kesem Packing List

Please label all items with your child’s first and last name!!

(NO bedding or towels will be provided.)

___ Blanket & sheets or sleeping bag

___ Pillow

___ T-shirts

___ Shorts

___ Long sleeve shirts

___ Long pants/jeans

___ Jacket, sweatshirt

___ Pajamas

___ Underwear (10 pairs)

___ 10 pairs socks

___ Swimsuit

___ Sunscreen

___ Hat

___ 2 pairs shoes (tennis shoes and shower shoes)*

___ 2 towels (bath towel and swim towel)

___ Washcloth

___ Soap, shampoo, comb, toothbrush & toothpaste

___ Laundry bag

___ Flashlight with new batteries

___ Insect repellent (stick or bottle)

___ Water bottle

___ Medication (if necessary, 1-week supply)


___ Disposable Camera

___ Musical Instrument

___ Notebook or Journal

Items to Leave at HOME:

-Candy, Snacks, Sodas, Valuable Items, Radios, Cell phones/Smartphones, Handheld gaming system, iPods or iPads, MP3 Players, Video cameras, Weapons.


Camp 2014

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who made Camp Kesem 2014 an enormous success! For our first time hosting two sessions of camp for the summer, it could not have gone any better. These two weeks were an amazing experience thanks to so many generous donations that allowed us to smash our goal of $90,000 and send every child to camp free of charge. Camp Kesem 2014 would also not have been able to happen without the selfless volunteers such as almost 70 student counselors from the University of Michigan, our camp advisors, our mental health professionals, and our nurses. We also would like to thank Sher Rosenkranz for capturing the magic that is Camp Kesem and making it available for all of you to see on our Flickr page. Of course, none of this would be possible without the kids, and we are so thankful to have had two weeks of pure magic where they are allowed to truly be carefree kids.

Camp Kesem 2014 may be over, but the counselors and Coordinator Board have already begun planning for Camp 2015! Tons of planning is going on behind the scenes, and we are currently recruiting new counselors. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining CK U of M, please do not hesitate to contact us! Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks once again for all of your kind and selfless donations over the past year.