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Our Purpose

To provide a week-long summer camp to a frequently overlooked special needs group; the children of cancer patients. For fifty-one weeks a year, the fa

milies of cancer patients watch their loved ones suffer. But for one week during the summer, these kids are free from worry and welcomed by peers of similar circumstance. Here, their confidence takes charge to create the lasting memories every child should experience. Camp Kesem is truly a magical program.

Students at the University of Michigan are excited to provide a student-run summer camp program for children who have or had a parent with cancer, where campers build self-esteem and gain support from peers facing similar challenges.  With a camper-counselor ratio of 2:1, campers receive the special attention and support that they would not receive at a regular summer camp.

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Camp Kesem 2014 – THANK YOU!

THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who made Camp Kesem 2014 an enormous success! For our first time hosting two sessions of camp for the summer, it could not have gone any better. These two weeks were an amazing experience thanks to so many generous donations that allowed us to smash our goal of $90,000 and send every child to camp free of charge. Camp Kesem 2014 would also not have been able to happen without our selfless volunteers such as; almost 70 student counselors from the University of Michigan, our camp advisors, our mental health professionals, and our nurses! We also would like to thank Sher Rosenkranz for capturing the magic that is Camp Kesem and making it available for all of you to see on our Flickr page. Of course, none of this would be possible without the kids, and we are so thankful to have had two weeks of pure magic where they are allowed to truly be carefree kids.

Camp Kesem 2014 may be over, but the counselors and Coordinator Board have already begun planning for Camp 2015! Tons of planning is going on behind the scenes, and we are currently recruiting new counselors. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining CK U of M, please do not hesitate to contact us! Stay tuned for more updates, and thanks once again for all of your kind and selfless donations over the past year.