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Camp Kesem runs through the cumulative efforts of four committees: Operations, Outreach, Development, and Volunteer.

  • Operations plans the camp program, handles the logistics surrounding the program, and manages the camp finances and budget. Members of this committee create a daily schedule for camp along with all the activities and special guests that may attend.
  • Outreach’s main objective is to recruit and maintain relationships with campers and families. In order to accomplish this, members go to hospitals and clinics around the area and speak with professional staff about the camp. This requires thorough knowledge of the camp and a friendly personality!
  • Development is responsible for raising sufficient funds to allow campers to attend Camp Kesem free of charge. The fundraising committee organizes fundraisers and contacts business for possible sponsorships.
  • Volunteer recruits, selects, and trains the counselors while publicizing Camp Kesem on campus.

For more information on how to become part of the Camp Kesem Miami family, email us at Miami@campkesem.org.

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