Are you interested in changing the face of the cancer community? Camp Kesem Miami relies on private donations to fund all expenses associated with operating a FREE week of camp for children 6-16 whose parents have, had, or passed away from cancer. Because of the financial burden placed on the families of cancer patients, we will never charge a family to send their child to Camp Kesem – but we can’t make camp possible without donors like you!

Camp Kesem strives to provide each camper with a unique experience and a lifetime of memories. In order to fulfill this goal, both campers and camper families play an integral role. Campers and camp families can share our message with other families that currently are dealing with or have dealt with cancer. By spreading the word and message of Camp Kesem, we can continue to change lives and expand to college campuses across the nation. Additionally, the families of campers can encourage friends and relatives to support the organization by sponsoring a camper or making a donation.

Donations at all levels help make a life-changing impact. $25 can fund an entire Arts & Crafts activity. $100 can fund our Messy Day. $250 funds one meal for 40 campers. $500 funds one child’s incredible week at Camp Kesem Miami. Please consider donating one of these various amounts, or make a unique donation simply by clicking on the link below that will direct you to our “Friends of Camp Kesem” page. This secure network allows donations to be made online through credit card. Thank you for your interest in donating to Camp Kesem Miami.

Donate Here at Friends of Camp Kesem!

If you have any questions about private donations, please do not hesitate to contact us at!

Nothing like homemade slime and shaving cream to bring an amazing week of camp to a close!The macarena is always a great way to wake up!