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Meet Your Camp Kesem Augustana Counselors! [Part 6]

Hello once again Camp Kesem Families! We hope you’re getting excited for camp because we have tons of great activities planned for throughout the week! Your campers should be receiving letters soon detailing the theme days for our camp, but in case you wanted to get looking sooner, the theme days for Camp Kesem Augustana College 2013 are…


Superhero Day, Sports/Jersey Day, Crazy Mismatch Day, Hawaiian Day, and Color Wars Day, a day during which all counselors and campers try to wear the color of their unit. Details on units will come with the letter announcing theme days, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Please note that no one is required to purchase items for the theme days, but rather campers are encouraged to bring anything they already own for those days. Counselors will have extra supplies to share with campers.


Now, without further adieu, let’s meet Cookie and CoCo and be sure to come back next week to meet Happy Feet and Boo!




Unit: Red Unit (10-11 year olds)

Year: Senior (ahh!)

Major/minor: Geography/ Political Science

Favorite food: Beets (basically nature’s candy)

Favorite superhero: I love them all!

What are you most looking forward to at camp?: Meeting all of the new campers and getting to see all of the old ones from last summer! and songs, swimming, games and campfires!!!!






Unit: Green Unit (12-13 year olds)

Year in School: about to be a senior!!

Major(s)/Minor(s): double major in English and Communication Studies

Favorite Food: green olives

Favorite Superhero: All of the Avengers…but Iron Man if I had to choose one.

What are you most looking forward to at camp?: Going down the Y Camp’s two awesome waterslides with the campers during pool time!