Meet Timon and Gumby!

central paCamp Name: Timon

Where you are from: Syracuse, NY

Favorite Superhero and why: This is tough but I am going with Batman, because he won’t get outsmarted by any superhero. That and he has the coolest stuff out of any superhero, including his cave and the Batmobile!

Favorite Disney movie and why: The Lion King obviously. I grew up watching this movie on an almost daily basis. When I am feeling a little down, watching Simba take back the Pride Lands almost always makes me feel better.

What are you looking forward to at camp the most: I can not wait for messy olympics. Pieing kids in the face, throwing chocolate syrup in their hair and spraying counselors with whipped cream is going to be a ton of fun!



Camp Name: Gumby

Where are you from: Upper Darby, PAcenrtal pa1

Favorite Superhero and why:  I’d have to go with superman. To me he is the original superhero who has the best powers. He can fly, has laser vision and super strength? No other superhero has those kind of awesome powers!

Favorite Disney movie and why: I’d have to go with the Lion King. When I was a kid I watched the movie so many times that I broke two different tapes of the movie. Plus its the classic Disney movie.

What are you looking forward to at camp the most: I cannot wait for all the everyday activities like swimming, horseback riding and playing ga ga ball! Plus I cannot wait to meet all of our campers!

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