Meet Sully and Shelly!


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Camp Name: Sully
Where you are from: Carbondale, PA
Favorite Superhero and why: Spiderman–he’s an ordinary guy that does some pretty amazing things. And the fact that he can swing around the city whenever he wants to is an added bonus.
Favorite Disney movie and why: The Lion King–there’s just something about it that I’ve always loved. When I was a kid, I could sit down and watch that movie for hours and not get tired.
What are you looking forward to at camp the most: Being able to spend my very first camp experience with some amazing campers and counselors!


Camp Name: Shelly

central pa blogWhere you are from: Downingtown, PA

Favorite Superhero and why: Violet from The Incredibles. At first she is shy and scared but eventually she learns to use her powers and be strong.

Favorite Disney movie and why: Beauty and the Beast. When I was a kid I always wanted to be Belle because she was smart and brave so it has always been my favorite.

What are you looking forward to at camp the most: Getting to know the campers and creating funny, crazy, and unique memories that will be remembered for a lifetime.



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