Meet Ariel and Zeus!

central paCamp Name: Ariel
Where I’m from: Just south of Pittsburgh!
Favorite Superhero and why: Captain America is the epitome of a good human being. He’s a team player, he’s humble, and he’s a gentleman. He shows the importance of friendship, loyalty, and fairness. Also, America.
Favorite Disney movie and why: Tangled is so good. Literally the only thing that could make it better is if Olaf from Frozen were in it. Somebody take me to see floating lights? Please.
What am I most looking forward to at camp: I honestly cannot wait to hug all of you. And for bonfires, because those are one of my favorite things about summer.


central pa(1)
Camp Name: Zeus
Where I’m from: Milford, Massachusetts
Favorite Superhero and why: Superman-  He has great hair, a sweet superhero outfit and super strength!
Favorite Disney movie and why: Toy Story- Whats not to love? I grew up with Andy and his toys!
What  I am looking forward to at camp the most: Spending a week outside, playing games and making lots of new friends!


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