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Making Progress and Looking Ahead

After a long and arduous process, our Student Support coordinators—Orchid and Rabbit—have selected our staff for Summer 2013. This weekend we all came together for a meet-and-greet, where we were all finally able to meet (and greet) the people with whom we would be spending the best week of the year (August 25-31)!

For the e-board, however, it was much more than that. After more than six months of planning, it dawned on me that we are really headed towards the final Stretch (pun intended). Many important details have been settled, but we still have much to do to make Camp Kesem Columbia 2013 even better than our inaugural summer.

One of the most important projects Skippy and I are working on is securing in-kind donations from businesses—both local and national. Last year we received very generous donations from a number of companies, including Pirate’s Booty (a yummy snack, which was also relevant to our Under the Sea theme). We have been reaching out to companies in all industries, ranging from arts and crafts to s’mores supplies. We are close to securing Riverside Park for our opening/closing ceremony locations, and are looking at options for rain locations.

This weekend, we were finally able to put faces to the group of people we previously would refer to as “the counselors.” We have also received a significant number of camper applications (if you’re reading this, camper families, get in those applications!). The picture of what we can expect this summer is becoming clearer by the day, and it is invigorating! I can say for sure that we have an amazing staff, campsite, and campers, and we will certainly have an amazing time at camp this summer!

Thanks for listening!