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M is for Maturity

Game Show Mania day! Every year there is a themed camp-wide competition, each time with a different theme, and this year was “game shows.” This meant kids were divided into random teams, not based on age groups, and pitted against each other in such activities as human Pac-Man, human Battleship, Are You Smarter Than a Counselor?, Fear Factor, human Angry Birds, and Minute to Win it.


Teams were also named based on various games like chess, Sorry, etc., and every team made up their own cheer. Ask your kid what their cheer was!


After a post-lunch dance party each team was awarded their special prize, but one team in particular won the coveted Kesem Gold Cup!


Shortly thereafter the CITs asked everyone to gather below a porch to bring back an old Kesem tradition: Counselors whom they had observed being “less than perfect” that week were called up to the front for a punishment (actions that entailed punishment ranged from wearing make-up at camp (a big no-no) to making their unit late to line-up). Whatever the punishment was, we then held up a pitcher filled to the brim with a putrid concoction of jalapenos, coffee, tea bags, milk, ketchup, bread, hash browns, etc. and told the counselors to turn around and receive their sentence. What the counselors didn’t know was that we just had 25 pitchers of ice water ready to dump on them, which we did. Nobody got away, and one that did got hers twofold.


Following this there was free time until the talent show: About three hours of different acts ranging from magic tricks to songs to dances to live-illustrations to original skits to poetry reading! After every act the Gold Unit teens had a graduation ceremony.


While all this was going on admin set up each person’s bag from the empowerment program, and put an electric candle in it, setting them in two rows so as to make a pathway of luminarias. Once everyone had filed out through the path we had our second to last Closing Circle, then had cabin chats, and (some) went to bed.