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Love from Student Support

It has been a really exciting and successful year for Student Support! Perhaps most incredible was the amount of counselor applications we received- over 50! My co-chair Rabbit and I, as well as our Co-chairs Nemo and Simba were able to interview all the applicants over the span of two weeks, and get to know all the wonderful people interested in being a counselor at camp this summer! Despite the overwhelming passion, enthusiasm and engagement we saw in each applicant, we were unfortunately only able to select 18 applicants to join the CK team. Since the interview and selection process has been complete, Rabbit and I have been hard at work organizing and planning counselor materials and requirements as well as training and bonding events.

To be a Camp Kesem counselor is a little bit different than the average summer camp counselor gig. We encourage (and even require!) counselors to engage and support Camp Kesem throughout the end of the school year, and during the summer. Because CK is entirely student-run and non-profit, we need every member of our team to contribute to and be very prepared for making camp happen this summer. To work all school year for a seemingly abstract and far-off week in the future, and then to have that unfold before your eyes and be better than you ever imagined? The most gratifying experience in the world.

The far-off week was made slightly more tangible two weekends ago during our counselor Meet&Greet- our first event with the entire Camp Kesem 2013 Staff. New counselors got a chance to meet and get to know each other, and returning counselors were able reconnect over some great Summer 2012 memories.

After a wonderful start to the second semester, Student Support is looking forward to Counselor Training, CPR certification, and seeing CK 2013 staff at all the wonderful events that Fundraising has planned for the rest of the semester! As camp approaches, our mission and goal become more and more real–and we all are reminded what we do this for: to create a wonderful week for the campers. I can’t WAIT for this summer, and for E-board and CK2013 staff to have a productive rest of the semester!

Thanks for reading!