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Looking Back and Thinking Forward

Color wars water fight was no joke!

Hey Camp Kesem!

I’ve begun settling back into the routine of school and work and libraries. Autumn might be upon us in New York, but all I have to do is think back to hiking at Camp Mohawk, or the water fight at the end of Color Wars, or sitting around the campfire with s’mores to feel that summer heat.

We’ve jumped into the planning and fundraising for Camp Kesem 2013 and we are so excited to make the magic this coming summer. I sit around the table at our meetings and I realize how incredible the team that we have working really is. Everyone brings their own talents to the group and together, though we may be an entirely random and diverse group of people, we work amazingly well together.

This year we also have a wonderful general body of Columbia and Barnard students who are so dedicated to giving their all to making camp possible by working in a committee. For the camper care committee we have about 8 students working with me and Dory to meet and recruit campers for camp this summer. I couldn’t be more grateful for the hard work that they all put into Camp Kesem.

The enthusiasm of the people who choose to work for Camp Kesem is contagious. We are a team of extremely excited and motivated young people. We’re ready to hike, have water fights, and sing around a campfire again. Can’t wait for the summer heat to be back.