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LIVESTRONG Assembly 2013

Four of our Executive board members had the honor and privilege to attend this year’s LIVESTRONG Assembly in Chicago Illinois last week.  We had a lot of fun and learned a lot!

On Tuesday we took a bus through the snow storm and arrived at the Swissotel in Chicago around 10:30pm, after catching up with some other Camp Kesems from across the nation we headed to sleep to get ready for the following week.

Karl, Daisy, Peaches and Twinkle on our way to the Assembly

On Wednesday we woke up early and had a  jam packed day with the other Camp Kesems.  For those of you who are not aware there are currently 41 Camp Kesems throughout the nation; it is always amazing to see everyone together sharing a common goal to make a difference in our communities!  We got to share best practices with other campuses.  During the best practices sharing sessions we got great ideas from other campuses for fundraising, camper recruitment, and games/fun activities to do at camp!  Needless to say we are getting pumped up for CKUW 2013!!  We also got to hear from LIVESTRONG about their Navigation Services,  to learn more about the financial, emotional, and physical support the LIVESTRONG Foundation provides to families coping with cancer, please visit www.LIVESTRONG.org/get help or call toll free 855-220-7777.

We also got to hear from the Delete Blood Cancer Organization.  What they are all about is getting people registered on the national bone marrow registry.  This is another amazing organization that truly helps save lives and we were really excited to meet them.

Then for dinner we went to Giordano’s, a famous deep dish pizza place in downtown Chicago, It was DELICIOUS!!

On Thursday we got to talk about the Community Impact Project.  For those of you who haven’t heard yet, LIVESTRONG is helping start 12 new Camp Kesem Chapters across the country!  AMAZING!  To decide what campuses are chosen they will have an online voting poll, keep your eyes and ears open because voting will happen this month!

We also got to attend the State of the Foundation Lunch.  Somehow we got incredibly lucky and got to eat with the VP of Programs, Kenya Johnson.  Not only did we get to meet this amazing leader but we also had the honor of giving her a camp name!  Who doesn’t love camp names?!

Sunshine, Kenya “Amythist” Johnson, Peaches, Twinkle and Daisy


For dinner LIVESTRONG set up a Taste of Chicago setting.  There were options between Chinatown, Little Italy and Wrigley Field, for desert there was an assortment of cheesecake!  After dinner we got to meet Doug Ulman, the CEO of LIVESTRONG!

Twinkle, Daisy, Doug Ulman, Sunshine, and Peaches after the Taste of Chicago dinner


On Friday we packed our bags, heard some last words from LIVESTRONG and headed to the bus and made our journey back to reality.

We are so grateful that we got to participate in this assembly.  Not only did we learn a lot but we also got to meet many AMAZING volunteers from across the country and share our resources with them!