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LIVEstrong Assembly!

 Camp Kesem Illinois Goes to the LIVEstrong Assembly!

Location: Chicago, IL

Attendees: Remy, Flik, Goofy, and Karl


Written by Flik


For our first ever blog post, we thought we would give everyone the inside scoop on the LIVEstrong assembly and how we spent our time there! Here is a quick breakdown of our days:


Tuesday: We hopped in our Zipcar around 12:30 and headed up to Chicago through some rather rainy/snowy weather. (Not to worry though, Karl had an excellent time and still had the time to get a photo shoot in!)


We arrived at the Swissotel around 3 pm and were lucky enough to have a few hours to relax/settle in before heading out to dinner with some Camp Kesem friends! Unfortunately, many people’s flights were cancelled due to the snowy weather but we still had a good time catching up with everyone who had made it in.


Wednesday: We woke up bright and early and headed down for breakfast at 8.  After breakfast, both our morning and afternoon was filled with bunches of CK meetings! During this time we were able to share best practices with other campus chapters and we got a lot of great ideas for fundraising and camp programming. We also heard from a really awesome organization called DKMS. (Check out their website at: http://www.deletebloodcancer.org/) Basically they work to get people registered on the national bone marrow registry so that those diagnosed with blood cancer have a chance of finding a match from someone within that registry.  DKMS donors have saved nearly 30,000 lives!


For dinner we headed off to one of Chicago’s most famous pizza places, Giordano’s! The food was absolutely delicious AND we were lucky enough to come home with extras! Yum!


Thursday: We woke up bright and early again today and spent the first part of our morning in a couple more sessions specifically for Camp Kesem.  In one of those sessions we discussed the upcoming Community Impact Project Voting! Voting for the 12 new Camp Kesem chapters that we will be starting in 2013-2014 starts in March so get ready for your chance to vote. We are beyond excited to be able to bring more Camp Kesem magic to 12 new chapters!

At noon we attended the State of the Foundation Lunch. This lunch was not only delicious but we also got the chance to learn more about the LIVEstrong Foundation and their plans for the upcoming year!


** A cool thing to note about this backdrop… the small font in the back is the name of each individual attending the conference! Remy, Goofy and I all were able to find our names on there!


Goofy and I also got to do some catching up with a counselor some of you may recognize! We definitely had a good time catching up with Ginger and were glad we got to see her even for just a short time!


In the afternoon we learned more about the other organizations that LIVEstrong sponsors and we also got some excellent tips about developing our leadership skills and counselor training! Following our afternoon of meetings, we got to relax and enjoy the “Taste of Chicago” dinner.  For the dinner we had the option of “Chinatown,” “Wrigley Field,” and “Little Italy.” All of the food was absolutely delicious and we also heard a few words from the CEO of LIVEstrong, Doug Ulman.  Remy, Goldfish (from CK University of Michigan) and I even got a mention in his speech because we had quite the adventure riding with him on the elevator from the 41st floor down to dinner!



After such a busy and exciting day, even Karl headed to bed early!


Friday: We wrapped up the Assembly with one last meeting after breakfast, said our good-byes and headed back to Champaign! It was certainly a busy week but we learned a lot and are excited to see what the rest of the year has in store!