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Let’s go round two!

As the new school year has finally gotten its wheels turning and students are sinking into their work, the Camp Kesem Mizzou team is back to work as well in preparation for another great year! With many familiar faces from last year’s camp and coordinator board, as well as a number of new members, we all are very excited to be back for year two! Check us out at http://campkesem.org/mizzouexecutiveboard/


One of our first tasks as a new coordinating board was to promote the Camp Kesem Mizzou Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/CampKesemMizzou) page in a “like”-gathering contest against our cousin camp and SEC rival Camp Kesem-University of Georgia. Though the bulldogs put the hurt on us on the gridiron, we ran away with the “like” contest trophy in hand, boasting an increase of nearly 1000 in our Facebook supporters! Thanks to all who supported us!

We held an informational meeting in late September and invited any interested Mizzou students to come, listen, and learn all about Camp Kesem Mizzou and apply to be on a committee if they wanted to become involved. We were absolutely thrilled to have OVER 70 people show up because of the great name Camp Kesem has made for itself on the University of Missouri’s campus! We also received a rather large number of applications too from students who had not made it to the meeting but had heard from friends about us.

All the interest we were receiving was awesome! Narrowing down our applicants to our committee limits was very tough though. After a week or so of deliberation, the final committees were set and congratulatory letters sent out. We had our first committee meeting this last Sunday and are very happy with our new support crews!


Peace, Love, Kesem,


The Coordinators