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K is for Kindness

The first full day of camp! One would think everyone would be exhausted from the previous day what with a long bus ride, a new setting, etc., but admin were surprised to see almost every cabin already up when they went to wake them at 7:30. Blue unit boys had already been on a morning jog!


Once everyone was “alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic,” we assembled in front of the dining hall to be dismissed for breakfast.


This was the first day with full rotations, which included: Sports, Dance & Drama, Arts & Crafts, Science Hour, Swimming, and Adventure Nature. These rotations were all intermingled with “chill time,” lunch, and a snack later on. After saying goodbye to Teen Silver and Gold and CITs, who were leaving for their overnight backpacking trips, rotations began.


Dodgeball was the sport of the day, and nearby was Dance & Drama, which consisted of kids (and counselors) dressing to the nines to learn the choreography for a dance every unit would know by the end of the week be performed at the talent show.


The Arts and Crafts table had brand new notebooks for every kid to decorate and make their own, and if they had time, some kids drew portraits of their counselors.


Swimming was a great relief from the hot weather, and after kids passed the swim test (swim lengthwise from one side of the pool to the other), they did as they pleased, some playing basketball with a hoop set up by the water, others just wading in the shallow end.


Adventure Nature had a nature themed Jeopardy game where kids answered questions about wildlife, and later on some units got to go on a mini nature walk through the camp.


Science Hour consisted of three stations: ice cream making, popsicle-stick-bridge making, and an experiment involving milk, food coloring, and liquid dish soap (ask your kids how to do this when they get home!).


After dinner, campers were split up into “Big Hill” (Orange, Blue, Red and Purple units) and “Little Hill” (Pink, Green and Yellow) for a night hike on separate trails. On each hike we laid blankets on the ground and sat down to listen to camp staff members Brian or Chad (depending on which hike) tell a story passed down from Native American legend. Kids were given mints that spark when you bite down, and glow sticks to light up the night.


After Closing Circle each group returned to their cabins, had their respective cabin chats, and (hopefully) conked out.