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Student Coordinators

Meet the Staff! 


Muska “Pumpkin” Kamran

This is my second year as director, and prior to that, I was a Volunteer coordinator! My majors are history and political science. Outside of CK and the copious amount of reading/research I have to do as part of my majors, I love watching my foreign soap op eras. But, honestly, CK is one of primary focuses of my life because of how much I absolutely love making camp as enjoyable as possible for our kids and making it bigger and better every year!

Christina “YoYo” Estremadoyro


My name is Christina, but you can call me Yoyo! I’m one of the two directors of CK JHU. My undergrad major is Psychology and Brain Sciences, and I’m working towards attending Vet school. When I’m not working on making CK magic or school work, I’m usually playing with my dog, reading, doing research, or watching X-Files. Camp Kesem is my favorite part about summer, and I’m so excited to be creating magic for all the amazing campers we have!



Channing “Cherry” Kimble-Brown


My camp name is Cherry and I’m a sophomore studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science Johns Hopkins University. I was a camp counselor August 2014 and I’m currently one of the Outreach Coordinators, responsible for recruiting campers, planning reunions and keeping in contact with families throughout the year. I’m also extremely excited to be seeing old campers and lots of new faces this upcoming summer!

Rinas “Nemo” Osman

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Hi I’m Nemo. I am a Public Health major at JHU. The summer of 2014 was my first year at camp and I loved getting to meet and work with all the amazing campers. I am currently an Outreach Coordinator which means I stay in contact with new and past CK families and reach out to the community to help spread the word about CK and to recruit new campers.


Adib “Shaggy” Laskar


Shaggy has been a part of the Camp Kesem family ever since he came to Johns Hopkins and his love for Camp Kesem grows each year. Currently a sophomore, Shaggy is currently the Development Coordinator and is majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. He enjoys watching sports, working out, reading, and helping others in his spare time. His friendly and optimistic personality makes him receptive towards other people. He can’t wait to see everyone at Camp this summer 😀

Maurice “Gumball” Dunn


Hi my name is Gumball, and I am a senior studying public health at JHU. I became a part of Camp Kesem my freshman year. During camp I started out as a cabin counselor and moved on to be the unit leader for the teen campers. During the year I am one of the Development coordinators; in charge of raising money for camp. My favorite part of camp is making s’mores and I can’t wait to see everyone this summer!


Sang “Cloud” Tran


Cloud is a sophomore at Hopkins who enjoys working with kids, and feels like a kid himself sometimes. He is currently majoring in chemistry and is one of the Camp Kesem operations coordinators in charge of planning the camp schedule and handling the camp expenses.


Hammaad “Blackbeard” Shah


Having developed a passion for Camp Kesem after volunteering this past summer, Blackbeard is one of our volunteer coordinators. He sends out the weekly emails and is involved in counselor recruitment and training. When not spreading the word about Camp Kesem, Blackbeard enjoys playing tennis, speed solving Rubik’s cubes, and napping. He hopes to convey the Camp Kesem message and get others to share his passion for the cause!

Aafia “Simba” Syed


My name is Aafia Syed! I’ve been a counselor at Camp Kesem for three consecutive summers, and this year, I’m one of the two Volunteer Coordinators who gets to choose and train new counselors at JHU! I’m currently a senior at JHU majoring in Writing Seminars and hoping to pursue a Masters in Education, but my campers only know me as Simba! I think laughter it the best medicine, I love to sing-off key, and I can easily sit and talk for hours upon hours about anything and everything that fascinates and empowers the amazing kids we get to work with, whether that means vegan cupcake recipes, superheroes and princesses, parents and grandparents, how you turn grass into mulch, young adult novels, or Beyoncé!

Make the Magic

Arshdeep “White Lotus” Kaur


I’m a freshman at Hopkins and I’m planning on studying Public Health. As the MTM Coordinator, I work on putting together our big fundraising event so that it’s possible for all of our campers to attend. When not doing schoolwork, I can usually be found reading, binge-watching TV shows, or eating far too many cookies. I’m excited about meeting all the campers this summer and making camp the best experience possible!