Meet the Staff! 


Muska “Pumpkin” Kamran

This is my second year as director, and prior to that, I was a Volunteer coordinator! My majors are history and political science. Outside of CK and the copious amount of reading/research I have to do as part of my majors, I love watching my foreign soap operas. But, honestly, CK is one of primary focuses of my life because of how much I absolutely love making camp as enjoyable as possible for our kids and making it bigger and better every year!

Christina “YoYo” Estremadoyro


My name is Christina, but you can call me Yoyo! I’m one of the two directors of CK JHU. My undergrad major is Psychology and Brain Sciences, and I’m working towards attending Vet school. When I’m not working on making CK magic or school work, I’m usually playing with my dog, reading, doing research, or watching X-Files. Camp Kesem is my favorite part about summer, and I’m so excited to be creating magic for all the amazing campers we have!



Channing “Cherry” Kimble-Brown

Camp Kesem Bio PicMy camp name is Cherry and I’m a sophomore studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science Johns Hopkins University. I was a camp counselor August 2014 and I’m currently one of the Outreach Coordinators, responsible for recruiting campers, planning reunions and keeping in contact with families throughout the year. I’m also extremely excited to be seeing old campers and lots of new faces this upcoming summer!